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Why Some Great Churches Never Impact Their Community
Your church has the world’s greatest treasure. Don’t hide it behind layers of misdirection and insider lingo, daring people to find it.
Our Top 9 Resources on Calling
Here's help to understand God's voice, to live it out, and to help others do the same.
How Government Support Saved Me
Signing up for food stamps changed my view of poverty in America.
The Type of Leaders a Small Town Church Needs
Lessons from a Small Town Pastor
20 Truths from 'Break Open the Sky'
Saving Our Faith from a Culture of Fear
'The Most Hated Woman in America' Remembers a Culture War Without Heroes
Netflix's Madalyn Murray O'Hair biopic explores the divisive legacy of one of the country's most influential atheists.
Shame, Guilt, and Fear: What 1,000 Americans Avoid Most
Churches may be emphasizing the wrong selling point of the gospel, suggests LifeWay.
Jarena Lee
Trailblazing African American Preacher and 'self-made' woman.
We Actually Don’t Need a Trinitarian Revival
Attempts to teach a ‘better’ understanding of the Trinity may do more harm than good.
Evangelism and Movements: July CPLF Gathering
Church Planting Leadership Fellowship is open to denominational and network leaders of church planting.
What Science Says About the Age of Accountability
The latest research on good, evil, and infants.
Pew: Black Protestants Show Strongest Support for Paid Maternity Leave
A look into Christian views on paid leave and how the church can help new parents.
Preaching the Gospel with Words: Why There’s No Other Way
We marginalize evangelism when we say the good news is social action.
One And Done: Why Small Church Discipleship Is Always A Moving Target 
In a small church, it doesn’t take long for everyone who’s interested in a specific discipleship program to finish it.
Church-Planting Metrics: Measure What’s Important (Part One)
Measure outcomes, not activities.
1 – 15 of 48391 ARTICLES
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Top Story May 25, 2017
The Church's Three-Part Harmony
The Church's Three-Part Harmony
Why evangelical, sacramental, and Pentecostal Christians belong together in one body.
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