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    • Church as Sacred Place | Peter J. Leithart | First Things
      In contrast to most cities, ancient and early modern, Washington DC was designed with a religiously empty center: “The town square is naked. Built so large that it can symbolically house the whole nation, the Mall is all government without religion. In fact, Washington, DC may be the first great city in the world that has no house of worship at its center.
    • Italy's new churches stir debate -
      What is beauty? What role does it have in spirituality? Is it in the eye of the beholder? These seemingly innocuous questions have snowballed into a bitter polemic on the Catholic altar, where a battle of aesthetic titans has ensued: religious scholars versus the so-called "starchitects" who have earned multimillion-dollar contracts to build megachurches for the new millennium.

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    Why Gospel for Asia Got Kicked Out of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability
    One of the world’s largest missions agencies denies wrongdoing and vows to improve.
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