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The growing presence of atheism in the United States continues to bring up difficult questions about the role of religion and the existence of God and has led to a surge in Christian apologetics. The 21st-century "new atheists," including bloggers and authors such as Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Daniel Dennett, affirm their beliefs more openly and publicly than ever before. Recognizing the value of community living presented by religious groups, atheists and other non-theists have even founded church-like community groups and summer camps, though the range of atheist opinions on dialoguing with religious institutions varies widely. Christianity Today continues to analyze and track the influence of atheism and secularism on politics, society, and popular thought.

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  • How to take Christ out of Christianity - The Washington Post
    Marquette University professor Daniel Maguire, a theologian and former Catholic priest, makes the case in his book “Christianity Without God” for reclaiming the Bible’s epic moral narrative and leaving behind its theistic elements in order to combat neoliberal economics and environmental destruction. “When believers and nonbelievers are working together, the God thing doesn’t matter a bit,” he told me. “It is just a backdrop to the issues in the real world.” Cultural Christianity has already emerged in practice, even before it’s become a self-professed identity.
  • Ex-Seventh-day adventist pastor takes a yearlong timeout from God - LA Times
    "Being with the atheists, they can have the same sort of obnoxious certainty that some Christians have, and I don't want to be a part of that. It feels like I'm stuck in the middle. I want to be for something good, but I don't want boundaries, and religion just feels like a very bounded thing.The question I am asking right now: Why do I need religion to love?"

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