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    • Jeremy Lin vs. the CynicsSubscriber Access Only
      When an athlete's life matches his professions of faith, even skeptical sportswriters and embittered young evangelicals take notice.
    • The Sport of Saints?
      Long before March Madness, basketball was invented by a man who sought "To win men for the Master through the gym."
    • The NBA? Or the UN?Subscriber Access Only
      It's called the National Basketball Association, but it's looking quite international—thanks in great part to a Christian GM for the Dallas Mavs.
    • WWJWD?Subscriber Access Only
      In the wake of UCLA's loss in Monday's NCAA championship game, I couldn't help but wonder: What would John Wooden do?
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    Top Story March 22, 2018
    The Evangel-ist
    The Evangel-ist
    Billy Graham restored a sense of goodness about the Good News.
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