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    • Coptic Christian protest urges White House action against Islamic State
      In the Washington region, Copts have emerged as a small but vocal source of pressure on the administration, in part because of their Christian heritage and in part because many are affluent, well-organized U.S. citizens. Most originally came from Cairo or other Egyptian cities and have remained deeply engaged in Egyptian politics.
    • Against Backdrop of ISIS Beheadings, Egypt's Coptic Catholics Consecrate First Church in Sinai - Aleteia
      ISIS released gruesome video of the executions on the very day, Feb. 15, 2015, that Egypt’s Catholic Coptic Church celebrated the consecration of the first ever church in Sinai, Our Lady of Peace, in the community of Sharm El-Sheikh. The name had been chosen by Susanne Mubarak, widow of the late ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Mrs. Mubarak, who was educated by Catholic nuns, and ensured that construction of the church could proceed after years of delay and opposition by local political leadership.

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    Prominent Chinese Christian Convert Accused of Rape
    Prominent Chinese Christian Convert Accuses Another of Rape
    Yuan Zhiming of China Soul on leave as more accusations emerge following claim by Chai Ling of All Girls Allowed.
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