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    • Pastor Bobbie Houston Explains Why Hillsong Church Does Not 'Sideline the Girls'
      "I think that, you know, the secular world doesn't have an issue with women and I think really the church needs to come of age sometimes and just grow up and realize that there's a wealth of wonder and goodness and potential and all sorts of things within the feminine heart and that together we can actually make the church more beautiful and more vibrant and more relevant to society" - Bobbie Houston
    • In evangelical nonprofits, women leaders lag behind peers in general market
      Looking at more than 1,400 evangelical organizations, researchers for the Women in Leadership National Study found that women held 21 percent of board positions, 19 percent of top-paid leadership roles and 16 percent of CEO posts in 2010. In comparison, women make up 43 percent of nonprofit boards and 40 percent of CEOs in the general marketplace.

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