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Brian McLaren

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      The Ironic Faith of Emergents
      McLaren shows us not only where 'post-evangelicals' are going, but also how they get there.
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      McLaren Emerging
      In his last two books, Brian McLaren presents more clearly than ever his vision of the gospel.
    • Subscriber Access Only Everything Hasn't Changed
      An apocalyptic Brian McLaren strives to reframe Jesus and discipleship.
    • Subscriber Access Only Belonging Before Believing
      Reimagining Evangelism for a millennial generation.
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      Emerging Solutions--and Problems
      D. A. Carson's theological analysis of Brian McLaren, et al.
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      Emergent Evangelism
      The place of absolute truths in a postmodern world—two views.
    • Subscriber Access Only The Emergent Mystique
      The 'emerging church' movement has generated a lot of excitement but only a handful of congregations. Is it the wave of the future or a passing fancy?

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