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    • Jim Crow South’s lynching of blacks and Christianity: The terror inflicted by whites was considered a religious ritual.
      "I should emphasize that blacks of the era understood lynching as rooted in the Christian practice of white southerners. 'It is exceedingly doubtful if lynching could possibly exist under any other religion than Christianity,' wrote NAACP leader Walter White in 1929, 'No person who is familiar with the Bible-beating, acrobatic, fanatical preachers of hell-fire in the South, and who has seen the orgies of emotion created by them, can doubt for a moment that dangerous passions are released which contribute to emotional instability and play a part in lynching.'
    • Exonerated in Qatar, American Couple Head Home - The New York Times
      Matthew and Grace Huang, the American couple in Qatar exonerated in the death of their adopted African daughter after a nearly two-year prosecution collapsed on appeal, headed home to Los Angeles on Wednesday.

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