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The movement spreading rapidly across the Global South takes its name from Acts 2, where first-century Christians visited by the Holy Spirit began speaking in tongues. Marked by ecstatic worship, prophetic visions—and, unfortunately in some sectors, a “health and wealth” theology that plays to the needs of the disenfranchised—Pentecostalism is like evangelicalism’s younger sister: wilder in its expression yet sharing our theological DNA in its attitude toward Scripture, worship, and the sovereignty of God. New leaders of the movement seek to correct its excesses while expanding its power in forgotten pockets of the world.

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  • Pray Or Prey? Cameroon's Pentecostal Churches Face Crackdown
    "In predominantly Christian Cameroon, there are more than 500 revival churches. Their rapid growth, as well as what the government views as questionable practices, has drawn attention. Last year, officials ordered the closure of nearly 100 churches that it claimed were criminal enterprises taking advantage of poor, desperate people." WBUR & NPR
  • Opinion: How Megan Fox Got the Holy Spirit
    A charismatic movement with roots in Los Angeles long before Hollywood became a movie capital. (Nick Street, The Wall Street Journal)

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