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Physical Fitness

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    • Subscriber Access Only My Top 5 Books on The Body
      Picks from the author of author of Eat with Joy: Redeeming God’s Gift of Food.
    • Being Skinny Is Not a Christian Virtue
      Finding the right motivations for caring for our bodies.
    • Subscriber Access Only God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Body
      It includes sex, diet, and sports—but so much more.
    • Subscriber Access Only Chasing Methuselah
      Exercise, technology, and diet help us live longer than ever. Should those who look to eternal life care?
    • Subscriber Access Only Sport Is More Than Play
      A response to Shirl Hoffman's "Fanatics."
    • Subscriber Access Only The Joy of Sports
      There are a lot of Christian athletes who care about the Cross, the gospel, humility, joy, and sanctification.
    • Subscriber Access Only Stay in the Struggle
      I suspect that God's design is for us to conduct our analysis in the very throes of competition.
    • Subscriber Access Only Amen, and a Foul
      It is important to distinguish between individuals in sports and the system of sports. Both are broken due to the Fall.
    • Subscriber Access Only Sports Fanatics
      How Christians have succumbed to the sports culture—and what might be done about it.
    • Subscriber Access Only Matter Matters
      Lessons learned between the couch and a 10k race.
    • Subscriber Access Only Caring for the Caregivers
      Studies suggest that pastors' health declines are a church problem.
    • Subscriber Access Only Walking in Faith
      Walking as spiritual practice.
    • Subscriber Access Only Man Up, Christians
      Resisting the health and longevity gospel.
    • Subscriber Access Only Losing It on TV
      Ruby Gettinger, a Sunday school teacher in Georgia who weighed 700 pounds, battles her obesity — and leans on God — on national television.
    • Subscriber Access Only Q+A: Bryan Clay
      Clay, a decathlete, won the silver medal at the 2004 Olympics. The Azusa Pacific graduate is now aiming for gold at the Beijing Games.
    • Subscriber Access Only The Excitement of Hope
      Olympians have something to teach us about this cardinal virtue.
    • Subscriber Access Only
      Take a Pass on Yoga
      How can I support a practice that is targeting the young and the weak?
    • Subscriber Access Only
      Yes to Yoga
      Can a Christian breathe air that has been offered to idols?
    • Subscriber Access Only The Weigh and the Truth
      Christian dieting programs—like Gwen Shamblin's Weigh Down Diet—help believers pray off the pounds. But what deeper messages are they sending about faith and fitness?

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