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Oct 13, 2011

Church Sign of the Week: KJV-Only Edition

Here are a few from our KJV-only friends. We've recently released some research saying that LifeWay Research finds Americans still appreciate KJV, but these churches already knew that.

Here is on that makes me wonder if King James himself is coming to preach.

Thank you to Marcus Merritt for this one. I wonder if "Pastor Rev." slipped in a reference to the NKJV and is no longer at the church.




The folks at Faith Baptist believe God uses the KJV. He does, by the way, but I think their point is that is the only one God is using.

Thank you to Jared Nolen for this one.

Here is one that I found that is not KJV specific (though the church is). My Twitpic caption for this picture read, "Helpful church sign to know this is a @ChrisTomlin free zone!" Note the comment on the bottom, lest you think they are going blended.

Tweet your church signs of the week to @edstetzer.

BTW, I love the KJV so don't hate me for having fun with signs.

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Posted:October 13, 2011 at 12:00 am


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Church Sign of the Week: KJV-Only Edition