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Apr 18, 2012

Morning Roundup - April 18, 2012

5 Things You Should Know about Child Sexual Offenders -- Boz Tchividjian

If child molesters are so "good" at what they do, what steps can the faith community take to ensure that they don't succeed? Learning how offenders think and act is the first step in developing protective antennas, which can keep our community safe from those who pose a risk to our little ones. This post will examine five basic behavioral characteristics of child sexual offenders that must be understood if we are committed to making the faith community a safe community.

1. Offenders have many victims
2. Offenders can be the most unsuspecting people
3. Offenders are not strangers
4. Offenders often prey on trusting and vulnerable young people
5. Offenders are often attracted to the faith community

The Wiki-Leader -- Catalyst

Imagine it's 1995 again. Two digital encyclopedias are about to be created. The first is from Microsoft, a stellar company full of smart people and money. They are on top of the world, as they have just launched Windows 95. Their digital encyclopedia will be sold on CD-ROMs and later online. Everyone expects this product to be a hit.

The second will launch in a few years, driven not by a company but by thousands of ordinary people who write and edit articles for fun. The question is: Which of these two products will survive? No one in their right mind would have predicted the second one--but that's actually what happened. In 2009, Microsoft pulled the plug on Encarta, but Wikipedia continues on as motivated people engage in what they love doing. It continues to last because so many have ownership of the content. Anyone can have a say and everyone is important.

This is a picture of the shift that's taken place in our culture today. If you don't get it, you and your leadership will become antiquated and eventually will be irrelevant. When leaders understand this picture I've given you, they begin to shift their style of leadership, not their substance, and remain valuable.

The effective leader today isn't seeking control but connection. They facilitate the best ideas, instead of merely furnish ideas themselves. It isn't about telling the right answer to those following, but to asking the right question, so that growth can be fostered, but still owned by the follower. Relevant, healthy, effective leaders today are Wiki-Leaders. They understand they're leading in a whole new world

Dear Megachurch: This is Why We Make Fun of You -- Sammy Adebiyi

Hey mega-church, it's easy to make fun of you without feeling bad. Really easy.

Perhaps no one ever told you why because you're so huge and imposing. No worries. I'll let the cat out of the bag.

As long as you promise to not crush my puny self with your giant mega foot.

Alright, enough with the big jabs.

Without further ado, here are 5 reasons why people and pastors of smaller churches make fun of bigger churches.

1. We don't know you.
2. We are sitting on the sidelines.
3. We are jealous.
4. We are hypocrites.
5. We are arrogant.

"Word Versus Deed": An Interview with Duane Litfin -- Crossway

What is the proper balance between preaching the gospel with our words and showing it through our deeds? Listen in as Justin Taylor and Duane Litfin, president emeritus of Wheaton College, discuss Litfin's new book Word versus Deed. Watch the entire interview or skip to the highlights below:

00:01 - The subtitle of your book is "Resetting the Scales to a Biblical Balance". What is the imbalance that you are seeing?
2:03 - Could you sketch a rough outline of how this imbalance came to be?
5:35 - How does your own history play into your interest in this subject?
7:07 - Tell us a little about the non-verbal aspect of communication.
9:30 - So in a sense, this is also a corrective towards conservatives who've downplayed the role of deeds in the life of the church?
10:21 - Could you give us an example or two of the ways in which the Bible is being misapplied in this discussion?
17:24 - What are the dangers of a church defining their mission as only evangelism?
12:10 - What is your take on Matthew 25? How is that passage in particular being used in this discussion?
16:08 - What, in your view, are the long-term effects of motivating the church to do good and legitimate things, but building them on the wrong basis?

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Morning Roundup - April 18, 2012