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Jan 18, 2012

Morning Roundup - January 18, 2012

Five Lessons in Missional: One Church's Journey -- Outreach Magazine

For the past 10 years, Granger Community Church in Granger, Ind., has explored, wrestled with and ultimately embraced what it means to be missional. Granger founder and Senior Pastor Mark Beeson's initial vision--to be a mission outpost for the local community--has laid the foundation for what has ultimately become a church bent on carrying out the mission of Jesus. Granger Pastor of Life Mission Rob Wegner has written a book (Missional Moves, Zondervan) chronicling the church's 10-year journey to missional and recently shared five lessons on what this church of 5,000 has learned about becoming and being a missional church:

  • Be small and reproducing
  • Be collaborative
  • Be holistic
  • Define meaningful mobilization
  • Emphasize disciple-making

Read the full article here

Evangelicals, Hispanics, and Immigration Reform -- Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

Evangelicals and Christians committed to truth and the spreading of the Gospel must incorporate prophetic witness that heals communities, ushers in peace and exalts righteousness and justice. For that matter, while uberconservative solutions addressing immigration focus exclusively on border protection and deportation by attrition while liberal solutions advocate for amnesty; Christians must offer a better way, a narrow way, a biblical solution to the immigration debate, a just integration solution.

For example, a biblical vertical and horizontal Leviticus 19, Romans 13 solution must include the following elements; first, border protection that puts an end to all illegal immigration including the utilization of infrared, satellite and other technologies in addition to increased border patrols. Second, the creation of a market driven guest worker program and facilitative avenues by which the millions of families already in America that lack the legal status can earn such status in a manner that reflects the Judeo Christian Value system this nation was founded upon. Third, an earned citizenship element that will enable current undocumented residents without a criminal record to earn citizenship status by going to the back of the line as it pertains to citizenship applicants, admonition of guilt with corresponding financial penalty, acquiring civic and language proficiency all while serving the local community.

But here lies the challenge; can we reconcile Leviticus 19 and Romans 13? The answer requires two communities to arise and exemplify the prophetic potential embedded in each: evangelicals and immigrants.

Read the full article here

Ten Lessons in Organizational Leadership from Steve Jobs -- Thom Rainer

I have learned much about leadership from Steve Jobs, particularly organizational leadership. I recently shared 25 lessons I learned with my leadership team and have distilled those lessons to ten key issues.

  1. The leadership team of an organization must include nothing but all-stars.
  2. Never stop asking "Why?" or "Why Not?"
  3. Discover your top employees and cultivate them.
  4. Continuously ask questions of young leaders.
  5. The key brand issue is trust.
  6. Be a part of an organization that can change the world.
  7. Too many organizations cut costs and quality.
  8. Use meetings exclusively for strategy and brainstorming.
  9. Intuitive decisions have a better track record than extensive approval processes.
  10. Hire only passionate employees.

Read the full article here

How To Plant a Church: Five Principles from Steve Timmis -- Steve Timmis

All the churches that were planted by Paul were planted because Paul was ... explicit in preaching the gospel ... a number of contemporary churches think it's insightful to quote 'preach the gospel and use words if necessary' but this has no connection with what we find in the life of Paul.

Here are five specific principles Steve Timmis laid out that are needed in order to plant a church.

  1. Preach the Gospel.
  2. Understand the context.
  3. Connect with people.
  4. Connect with the right people.
  5. Train and appoint leaders.

Read the full article here

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Morning Roundup - January 18, 2012