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Oct 4, 2012

I am Thinking of Moving My Blog to Patheos and Would Value Your Input

I am considering moving my blog over to Patheos. Patheos is a public square for faith discussion-- from people of all faiths. Obviously, I'd be blogging at the Evangelical Portal, as the Atheist Channel is a little less responsive to my missiological focus on reaching people for Christ. ;-)

Blogging there is a bit like writing for a national secular outlet with a faith editorial page. You write your content, and there are others of similar views, but there is a lot of other content as well. For example, the Washington Post's "On Faith", CNN's Belief Blog, and Huffington Post's Christianity Channel bring in well-known evangelicals for blog posts, etc.

Of course, one of the advantages here is the excellence and professionalism of Patheos and the commitment of its evangelical champion, Timothy Dalrymple. I've been impressed (as have the bloggers who work with him).

Timothy lays out his vision:

What has long been lacking is a kind of Op Ed Page for evangelical America, a gathering place for the best evangelical public intellectuals to reflect on matters of common concern. Younger generations of evangelical writers can be identified, cultivated and projected into the most important conversations of the day. Where Catholicism has organs such as First Things and a longstanding tradition of thoughtful reflection on policy and society, evangelicalism has neither. It should have both. And if our intentions for the Evangelical Channel at Patheos are realized, it will have both.

Tim talks about his new vision in the blog post, including some repositioning and rebranding (both of which appeal to me).

Joe Carter (formerly of Evangelical Outpost) just made the move. Several other more conservative evangelicals (some still unannounced) are also doing so-- which explains how I got ended up on the list, I guess. Of course, some of my favorite centrist evangelical bloggers are already there (and some well written, left-of-center bloggers as well).

Tim reached out to me and I am praying this through. This would certainly grow my readership, but it is also a different environment. I'd have full control of the content of my blog writing, of course, but the neighborhood will change.

I think of this blog as a stewardship. Thousands of people read it every day-- we passed over a million pageviews for 2012 earlier this year. I consider your readership an important and valuable trust so I am asking your advice.

So, the question is, if you were me, would you move to Patheos?

(I will answer questions about the move in the comments if you need more info before opining.)

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Posted:October 4, 2012 at 12:00 am


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I am Thinking of Moving My Blog to Patheos and Would Value Your ...