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Dec 14, 2013

Saturday is for Seminars: Transformation Toronto

Join us in Toronto for a Transformational Church event! |
Saturday is for Seminars: Transformation Toronto

Is your church a place of transformation?

I'm serious.

I don't mean, do you have occasional examples of people who's life has been changed, I mean can you show, through consistent analysis, that your church is a place of transformation for those who walk in the doors? Are you measuring transformation? Are you leading your church to embrace methods and theologies that reflect Jesus' emphasis on transformed lives? These are serious questions, and deserve serious answers.

At LifeWay Research we are developing strategies and tools that help churches understand and apply these concepts. We have developed a one day conference that helps walk you through the theology behind transformation, as well as introducing you to some practical helps to use as you lead your church.

If you are in the Toronto area, Micah Fries & I will be leading an intentionally multidenominatoinal event on January 9th, with gracious local hosting from the PAOC, at the Miracle Family Temple in Scarborough. We have tried to make the event as inexpensive as possible to enable as many to come as possible. The cost is only $25, and if you bring a group it's only $20!

So, if you are interested in leading your church to be a place of Transformation, we really want to help. Come join me on January 9th and we'll walk through this together. You can register by clicking here.


Miracle Family Temple
1100 Bellamy Road North
Scarborough, Ontario M1H 1H2

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Posted:December 14, 2013 at 10:45 am


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