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Dec 23, 2013
Year in Review

Top Blog Posts of 2013

What were the most popular blogs this year? |
Top Blog Posts of 2013

At the end of every year it's fun to review a year of blogs and see what was most popular. Further, looking back on a year of blogs really puts things in perspective, and just a little review can provide an incredible amount of insight into what people value and what news stories simply surpassed all other events from throughout the year.

Today I will share the Top 5 Overall Blog Posts from the blog, but over the course of the next couple of weeks, I will share some of the top blogs from different areas of interest.

This year I've broken the Top Blog Posts of 2013 down into three major categories. I will link to them as they are posted over the next couple of weeks, but here is a preview of some of what you can expect:

Top Culture Posts of 2013

Many of my most popular posts dealt with popular culture and some controversial cultural topics that generally create constructive conversation. Some of my favorite blog posts from this year deal with cultural issues that are widely debated and helpful to talk about. I'll share this top list tomorrow, on Christmas Eve.

Top Current Events Posts of 2013

By far the most popular blog posts of 2013 come from this category. As much fun as cultural commentary is, we love reading different bloggers' analyses of current events—this blog is not exempt from this principle. On Thursday, December 26, I will share some of the top current events blog posts from the year.

Top Church Trends Posts of 2013

Finally, many of the most popular blog posts of 2013 are of the "church trends" category, which makes sense as I love to study and write about missiology and church trends. This year has seen a number of exchanges about matters of worship style and church growth. I am thankful for the conversations we've had on the blog a number of times this year on church matters, and on December 30th, a week from today, I'll share some of those with you.

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2013

Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Blog Posts on The Exchange from this year, 2013:

1. Reacting to the Trayvon Martin Verdict

This post itself was not the top post, but all of the posts surrounding the verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman run away with the number one spot. Christena Cleveland, Victor Montalvo, and Bishop Gregory Brewer all contributed to the blog series and offered helpful words.

2. Prop 8, DOMA, and the Christian Response

One of the most controversial issues of the year, the definition of marriage in the United States, was only surpassed by that of the verdict in trial of George Zimmerman.

3. Chuck Smith Has Died

Chuck Smith had a profound impact on the lives of many and is dearly missed by all whose lives he touched. A man with a passion for evangelism and outreach, Chuck Smith served the Lord faithfully.

4. Costco's Fiction Bible: Another Faux Christian Outrage

I was so thankful to have the privilege to interview Caleb Kaltenbach, the pastor who took what he thought was a humorous photo of a mislabeled Bible, only to mistakenly set off a firestorm of unnecessary Christian outrage toward the retailer.

5. The State of the Church In America: Hint: It's Not Dying

There was a lot of talk in 2013 about the health of the American church and whether or not it is dying. The numbers show that the Church is not dying, but that it is simply being more clearly defined.

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