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Jul 24, 2013

Morning Roundup 07/24/13

Lessons for the church; Archbishop of Canterbury speaks in tongues; Celebrity pastors; Spirit-filled speech |
Morning Roundup 07/24/13
Image: Courtesy of Derwin Gray

I'm increasingly enjoying Derwin Gray's writings... and you should to. Here is a recent entry.

3 Early Church Lessons for the Modern Church -- Derwin Gray

The Archbishop of Canterbury speaks in tongues-- which, I must say, is just fascinating.

Archbishop Justin Welby: 'I was embarrassed. It was like getting measles' -- The Telegraph

Any article that begins with a Ron Burgundy quote is worth your time... but the content is really great as well!

The "Other" Celebrity Pastor -- Josh Reich

Recently on The Exchange, my friend Alton Garrison joined me and talked about Spirit-empowered speech. Don't forget to join me every Tuesday at 3:00 PM Eastern for The Exchange.

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Posted:July 24, 2013 at 7:00 am


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Morning Roundup 07/24/13