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Jun 18, 2014

Morning Roundup 6/18/14

#HowOldWereYou; Publishing a Predator; Dear Man in Prison |
Morning Roundup 6/18/14

In case you missed it last week, a couple of hashtags regarding pastors and sexual abuse made some serious waves through the Twitterverse and the evangelical blogosphere.

I wrote on the subject a couple of days ago, and below are some of the best follow-up posts I've seen on the issue.

#HowOldWereYou: Origins of a Heartbreaking HashtagKaren Swallow Prior

To Publish a PredatorHalee Gray Scott

Dear Man in PrisonMary DeMuth

Dr. Tim Clinton, president of American Association of Christian Counselors, met with me to discuss the important topic of mental illness and the church. In this clip, Dr. Clinton addresses the issue of depression and how to assess it. Don't forget to join me every Tuesday at 3:00 PM Eastern for The Exchange.

Related Topics:Abuse; Rape; Sexual Sin
Posted:June 18, 2014 at 7:00 am


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Morning Roundup 6/18/14