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Jun 9, 2014

What does "missional" mean?

What's in a word? A look at "missional" and its history of meaning. |
What does "missional" mean?

Back in 2007, I ran a series on the meanings of the word "missional." I came across these blogs the other day and thought it may be helpful to run excerpts of them again. Below are a few excerpts from a number of blog posts on the meanings of "missional."


Part 1: The Debate over a Definition

Part 2: More Thoughts on the Definition of "Missional"

Part 3: Matters of Semantics

Part 4: The Mission of Missional

Part 5: Defining and Living the Missional Mandate

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Posted:June 9, 2014 at 7:00 am


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What does "missional" mean?