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May 15, 2014

Pastor, Need a Break? I'll Preach for You

The last week of May I will be in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Need a week off? I'll come preach. |
Pastor, Need a Break? I'll Preach for You
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During the last week in May, I am in Banff, Alberta, spending a few days with Donna before I will speak at The Congress of Apostolic Ministries. That includes a Sunday (May 25th) and I am not preaching anywhere at this point.

Since I am now pastoring a church, I preach most Sundays at Grace Church. However, once every six weeks or so, I preach somewhere else (and I tend to blog about that as I will soon about my recent preaching at Sojourn Church in Louisville and my forthcoming visit to Truro Church, the historic Episcopal Church in Fairfax, VA).

I'm looking for a small church in the Banff area to encourage on Sunday, May 25th.

In my world, I tend to speak at abnormal churches like the two I mentioned—and I am glad to do so. But, I want to make space in my life to always speak at a normal church—not the ones that make the news.

A normal church has under 100 in attendance each week, might have a bivocational pastor, is probably plateaued or declining, and the pastor is tired.

So, here's the deal. I'm looking for a small church in the Banff area to encourage on Sunday, May 25th. Basically, I will give the pastor a week off by filling in the Sunday morning services. I can't do consulting or anything like that—this is, after all, some time with Mrs. Stetzer—but I can go to lunch with the pastor and key leaders if they'd like.

I don't care about the denomination as long as you are O.K. with whatever I preach. And, you can't pay me anything for preaching. I will also bring some free books for you and your leaders.

Now, this is a Twitter thing. If you are not on Twitter, my apologies, but I can't track three locations at once (Twitter, Facebook, and blog). So, I will tweet this post so people get details, but then I will connect with the church that responds via Twitter Direct Message. And, as soon as I have it, I will post that here.

Hopefully, I can encourage a church and pastor in Banff.

Posted:May 15, 2014 at 9:00 am


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Pastor, Need a Break? I'll Preach for You