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Dec 31, 2016
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Weekend Edition - December 31

Book recommendations from Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, and Desiring God |
Weekend Edition - December 31
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5 Things the Seeker Movement Got RightJared C. Wilson
The Top Reason to be a “Santa Truther” This YearNancy French
Christianity Today’s 2017 Book Awards
2016 TGC Book AwardsCollin Hansen & Ivan Mesa
Top 16 Books of 2016Tony Reinke
My Top Books of 2016Tim Challies

Previously on The Exchange

Stand and Share: My Interview with Outreach Magazine
The Decline of Christian Evangelism … and What We Can Do About It | Ed Stetzer

Breaking the 200 Barrier: Monmouth Christian Church in Monmouth, Oregon
Church planted by pioneers seeks to reach hipsters. | Sean Bitzer

Church Planting and Commuting in the Mega-Regions
Leverage your commuting members to plant new churches. | Daniel Im

LifeWay Research: 89% of churches will have services on Christmas Day
What happens when Christmas falls on a Sunday? | Ed Stetzer

Worship Matters
We were created for worship. | Ed Stetzer

Growing Up in Ministry
The grace of Jesus was not just offered to orphans and widows or rebellious pastors’ kids; it was for me. | Kristin Duran

When a Pastor is a Growth Barrier: The Value of a Strong Work Ethic
God made us to work; sin made work frustrating and difficult. | Ed Stetzer

Breaking the 200 Barrier: Heritage Park Baptist Church in Webster, Texas
Church in metro Houston reached neighbors after a hurricane. | Trent Henderson

Theology for Life: Launching a New Weekly Podcast I Am Co-Hosting with Wheaton Professor Lynn Cohick
Follow us on Twitter and iTunes. | Ed Stetzer

Church Signs

In December is it peppermint mocha?

Hanging Dog. Population 1,618.


Thanks to friends of the blog, including Mark, for this week’s church signs. As always, you can tweet your church signs to @EdStetzer.

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Weekend Edition - December 31