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Feb 4, 2016
Weekend Edition

Weekend Edition: February 5, 2016

Engaging in politics, What loves is not, Single Christians, and more |
Weekend Edition: February 5, 2016


Aaron Earls is a consistently solid writer, and this post on how Christians engage politics is no exception.

Solo But Not AloneErin Straza

Living single in a mostly married world is always a challenge.

The Church's One Foundation—Rebecca Faires

The writers at She Reads Truth are blogging themes from the theology in older hymns.

4 Lies About LoveTony Merida

All we need is love? Not so fast.

Five Common Reasons Church Members Burnout​Thom Rainer

Church member burnout continues to happen all too frequently.

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Church Signs

Makes me wonder when the typocrites go to church.

And everyone who knows a saved curmudgeon said, "Amen!"

They've peppered their sign with veggies. Kinda corny if you ask me.

Thanks to Brad Johnson, Josh Hearrin, and Mark Ellison for this week's signs. As always, you can tweet your church sign pics to @EdStetzer.

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Posted:February 4, 2016 at 1:31 pm


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Weekend Edition: February 5, 2016