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Jun 24, 2016
Weekend Edition

Weekend Edition—June 24, 2016

Church members, Stats, Singing Scripture, Church Signs, and more! |
Weekend Edition—June 24, 2016

Five Reasons It Is So Painful For A Pastor To Lose A Church MemberThom Rainer

If you are a pastor who hasn’t suffered this pain, you will.

Singing Scripture is really good for youAaron Armstrong

And the psalms are a great example of it.

where are God’s people to end slavery? slavery could end — and it begins hereAnn Voskamp & Gary Haugen

A strong reminder about a crucial problem.

Gay Marriage in the U.S., After Obergefell v. HodgesMarina Koren

This is included to bring you the latest stats.

Success Focused on Yourself Poisons Your SoulChris Martin

Success as a byproduct is great. As a goal, it can be trouble.

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Some SBC Reflections—a Short Series

Saturday is for Seminars—and Preaching in Chicago Area Churches

Missional Hymns—An Interview with Keith Getty

Church Signs

So say we all.

Can we agree opinions are mixed on this sentiment?

Judging from the colored letters the meeting’s in a hair salon.

Thanks to Scott, Duane Biggs, and Jonathan Jenkins for the church signs this week. As always you can tweet your church sign pics to @EdStetzer.

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Weekend Edition—June 24, 2016