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Mar 6, 2016

Sunday Journeys: Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Randy Frazee and Max Lucado

A great emphasis on ministry and community at Oak Hills |
Sunday Journeys: Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Randy Frazee and Max Lucado

Last summer, I had the privilege of visiting and preaching at Oak Hills Church, where Randy Frazee is the Senior Minister and Max Lucado in the Teaching Minister.

You’ll note that the church uses the term “minister” where most would use the term “pastor.” The reason is part of the heritage and practice of the church.

The church is a part of the Restoration movement which explains some of the descriptions.

For example, the early service was all led with a capella singing.

But, the other services included instruments. Here’s a pic from the back.

The church practices communion each week, a tradition in almost all churches in the Restoration movement.

The church is really just a great non-denominational church. They are one of the largest churches in America now, multicultural, and passionate about being on mission.

Randy is leading them in a neighborhood engagement plan he desribes like this:

Each person has a strength they bring to their neighborhood. These strengths are Belonging, Growing, and Serving. Some people simply enjoy belonging or are good at helping others belong. Other people simply enjoy growing or are good at helping others grow. Still others simply enjoy serving or are good at helping others serve. Together, these people make up a Neighborhood Team that is led by a Neighborhood Captain. All three of these strengths are necessary for healthy biblical community. Because everyone has a strength, it takes everyone—the priesthood of all believers—to create the healthiest teams.

But, a few of my favorite take aways were the emphasis about the church being the body. I wore a church bracelet home.

(Pardon the small scar; I fell off a cliff as a kid. True story.)

Each of the images (on the reverse) has a meaning and explains what “We are the body” means.

Frazee continues:

The first phrase is represented by the group of people. It’s our Identity. “We are the body of Christ.”

The second phrase is represented by the cross. It’s our Mission. “…called to be Jesus…”

The third phrase is represented by the house. It’s the first part of our Vision. “…in every neighborhood…”

The fourth phrase is represented by the city buildings. It’s the second part of our Vision. “…in our city…”

The fifth phrase is represented by the globe. It’s the third part of our Vision. “…and beyond.”

“We are the body of Christ called to be Jesus in every neighborhood in our city and beyond.”

But, I also was blessed by the group of women from a local rehab ministry called Grace House. I had the privilege of worshipping with them. Grace House

is a faith-based transition home for women at risk.

We provide a safe environment where our residents have the opportunity to establish an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. They are taught to change their life-styles by making healthy choices for themselves and their families.

I’m encouraged by the ministry being done through Oak Hills Church. I pray their emphasis on community and mercy ministry will be adopted by other churches.

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Posted:March 6, 2016 at 6:00 am


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