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Mar 18, 2016
Weekend Edition

Weekend Edition—March 18, 2016

Toxic church culture, shaming, society and lies, and more! |
Weekend Edition—March 18, 2016

6 Warning Signs Your Church Culture is ToxicCarey Nieuwhof

Great stuff from Carey on bad church cultures.

You Can't Shame People Into RepentanceStephen Altrogge

Oh, so true.

Refugees Don’t Need Your Pity—Anna Bodkhen

A different look at the refugee crisis, this time from Foreign Policy magazine.

17 Things You Should NEVER Say to EmployeesSelma Wilson

Much needed leadership principles from the Executive People Leader at LifeWay.

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From Preview to Launch

Amplifying Evangelism—The Secret Roots of Evangelism

Revitalizing Churches—Some Common Questions

Sunday Journeys—Church on the Way in Van Nuys, CA

Saturday is for Seminars—Exponential East in Orlando

World Relief: We Must Help Refugees

Church Signs

Gonna say it’s too late at that point, and a few minor theological issues are in play.

Vitamin E for effort, Vitamin F for originality.

What in the world?

Thanks for Matthew Coine, Derrick Lemke, and Griffin Gulledge for this week’s church signs. As always you can tweet your church signs to @EdStetzer.

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Weekend Edition—March 18, 2016