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Mar 4, 2016
Weekend Edition

Weekend Edition—March 4, 2016

Bee-lines, church signs, synagogues, and more! |
Weekend Edition—March 4, 2016

About That Beeline to the Cross...Thabiti Anyabwile

Repeat after me: preaching is about the text, preaching is about the text...

The last of Iowa's small-town synagoguesRyan Schuessler

We may see in this a portent for small town churches over the next decades.

Overcoming Fear: Strength and Courage for the Chicken-HeartedJen Thorn

Great word from Jen Thorn on the power of God, fear, and faith.

How I Learned to Not Be OverwhelmedDonald Miller

So, you’ve never been overwhelmed? Ok, but Miller has some encouragement for the rest of us.

A Coming Evangelical Civil War?Alan Cross

There is no doubt the current election season is revealing fault-lines in American Evangelicalism.

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Church Signs

This is probably a fundraiser, but it sure looks like poor Eddie is on the menu. #grammarfail

This is so bad on so many levels.

This is either a great encouragement or passive-aggression by the church sign person about the unfinish road work.

Many thanks to Carla McGhee, Hugh Carson, and Janet Kelley for church signs this week. As always you can tweet your church sign pics to @EdStetzer.

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Posted:March 4, 2016 at 6:00 am


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Weekend Edition—March 4, 2016