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A South African Pastor Shares Why South Africans Honour Nelson Mandela

As Christians around South Africa and the world, Nelson Mandela, we salute you.
A South African Pastor Shares Why South Africans Honour Nelson Mandela
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Romans Chapter 13 tells us that political and national leaders are given to us by God, and as such, we should honour them. Maybe, in the entire history of the world, certainly in modern history, that has never been as easy to do as in the case of ...

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lalee ge

December 10, 2013  2:50am

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December 07, 2013  11:20am

Christine Thomas, I agree with you. All human leaders are flawed, all exhibit manifold sins. If we cannot praise Mandela for what he accomplished, then let's stop lionizing Washington, Lincoln and King. Each of these were variously thought of by some of their contemporaries as terrorists, insurrectionists, murderers, and (in King's case) communists. And each was those things, to some degree and in some sense. That does not diminish that each -- and Mandela also -- made a net positive contribution to society. Still, our only hope remains the return of the Prince of Peace, Jesus.

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audrey ruth

December 07, 2013  5:10am

I'm a bit confused about Mandela's legacy. For years I heard nothing but good about him and was impressed that his spirit wasn't broken after 27 years in prison. In recent years, though, I've been hearing increasing reports of violence against peaceful, law-abiding, caring Caucasian native Afrikaners who befriended and helped black Afrikaners during the years when apartheid was the law of the land. Some of those Caucasians have had to flee for their very lives, leaving homes and everything else behind. And now I hear of his use of violence which resulted in atrocities, his support of horrific abortion law, his positive comments about oppressive Communist leaders, and ill treatment of his ex-wife Winnie. I feel like asking, Will the real Mandela please stand up?

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Jack Heller

December 06, 2013  6:36pm

Even the very article John Lofton links does not say what he says it says.

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Christine Thomas

December 06, 2013  3:57pm

I wish this was a forum where I could "like" your comments Renee! In the early 80's I joined many demonstrations to end the ugly sinful practice of apartheid. I am not under any illusion that those demonstrations did anything but raise awareness. But I will never forget the impact they made on me and my world view. Thank you for this excellent tribute JP Smyth. I hope you will be able to do the same with our brother's negative comments as Mr. Mandela would have. May we all display the grace that was so important to him.

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