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The Grammys, Grace, and the Gospel: 3 Things the Grammys Can Remind Christians

How did the 2014 Grammy Awards signal a shift in American culture?
The Grammys, Grace, and the Gospel: 3 Things the Grammys Can Remind Christians Midiorama / flickr

The cultural highlight of the Grammys would certainly be Queen Latifah overseeing a mass marriage ceremony.

It was not solely a gay marriage ceremony, but the ceremony was during the gay marriage anthem "Same Love," so the intent and focus ...

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Jeff Perry

February 15, 2014  4:38pm

Faith, Hope and Love...and the Greatest of these..is Love.... Not Faith..

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Rick Dalbey

February 05, 2014  12:47pm

Teresa, I understand your question. However it just goes to illustrate the point that for these ancient societies who were not even Jewish, the divine prohibition against homosexuality was even more powerful than the horror of female rape and death. As a father there is no way I could do what Lot offered to do. Nor do I think that was God's idea. However it just goes to show how strong the revulsion against homosexuality was in these early societies. And it underscores the point that these men of Sodom and Gomorrah were utterly committed to homosexuality, preferring the handsome men to the virgin girls.

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February 04, 2014  2:08pm

Last Fall I attended my church on an evening a guest Pastor preached on Homosexuality. He was from a very famous Church in NYC and as he quoted Genesis 19, he verbally skipped over the part where Lot offers his virgin daughters (vs 8) saying "we can talk about that another time" as he launched into an offensive message on homosexuality. I left that church first wondering how in the world a Pastor could so blithely skip over a portion of this that involves the mass rape and brutality of females, and then secondly thought to myself that if we are called to love by Christ, what would any Gay person had felt in the church that night. I am reading these comments above, and once again I'm stunned that Christians are more concerned with what the Bible says about Homosexuality using this Chapter in Genesis, than they are the horror that occurred in the Chapter with a Father offering his daughters for mass rape and almost certain death. Really?

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Thomas Gary

February 01, 2014  10:15pm

continued from earlier post ... by going into a deep denial of the world around them - EV's denying science, pushing old Creationism into schools because they can't accept that Genesis isn't science. The world isn't flat, the sun doesn't revolve around us & there is outer space. They know this is true but can't deal with the truth that the Bible is not "perfect" (God is) So they just deny reality. Some EV's are afraid to hear how the Bible was formed because they will find that it was formed by fallible believers who did their best. They don't want to look back & see how many times believers have used the Bible wrongly because they might be doing the same thing - women should not vote (man's headship), no birth control (God will decide about fertility), dads beating kids (spare the rod etc) slavery OK because it's in the Bible. God's ways even change in the Bible. With FEAR people want CERTAINTY so deny what they don't like. Look in the mirror. Be honest. God bless. Jesus & Peace

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Thomas Gary

February 01, 2014  9:51pm

Rick, I'm very glad to hear about your kind & decent personal relationships with gay people. I respect you even more as we have spoken back and forth on posting, sharing ideas, beliefs & feelings. Your handling of such personal matters speaks volumes to your witness as a Christian. I have enjoyed posting on the CT site & have found many "acquaintances" with wonderful perspectives. I will now take my leave with happiness and wish you all the best. The world is changing around us, dear friends. For the good, the bad & the so-so. So it always is. I've seen 3 big periods of change in my life. The Counterculture, the collapse of Communism & now. I don't know what the future holds but I believe that GOD holds the future. I encourage you all to not bury your heads in the sand with denying what is pretty obvious in the world. It's called COGNITIVE DISSONANCE - when people have conflicting ideas or beliefs & the conflict between them causes anxiety. Religious people often resolve the conflict

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Displaying 1–5 of 24 comments.

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