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The Right Culture for Community

Church community is not a once- or twice-a-week event—it's a matter of doing life together.
The Right Culture for Community

The Right Culture for Community

So many churches are trying to get larger. They put a lot of time, energy, and money into their pursuit of getting bigger. The church needs to make getting small a priority. Church-health proponents are reminding ...

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March 03, 2014  9:31am

Ed, I love your church's emphasis of 1-4-1 but I found myself thinking, wow...would the people in my congregation even go for that. Our hyper-individualistic, super-busy suburban culture constantly pushes against the forming of deep communities. I inherited a small group ministry made up of a lot of groups that meet every other week and hope that that will be "enough", and often, it's not. I'd love to hear more about how you are encouraging small groups to live out the 1-4-1 monthly rhythm. Thanks for this post. May have to pick up the book now :).

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Eric Rubio

March 01, 2014  10:43am

Ed, Thanks for this piece. I am blessed to be in a church (~1000 people) with a strong emphasis on small groups - from children's ministries through adulthood, for that matter. Just one point in response: Could you elaborate on your point regarding the "individualist mind-set" and tendency for pastors to "overestimate the willingness or desire of people to jump into small community"? I'd suggest that's dependent on the generation. My generation (Millennials) are certainly individualistic, but I don't know if I'd call us loners - we long to be in community. Perhaps not as formalized or with the accountability level of a church-based small group, but I think the seed of wanting a small, authentic community is there. Your thoughts?

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Displaying 1–2 of 2 comments.

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