The Church Should Be a Hospital

We are called to be a place of healing, not a place of hurt.
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I remember hearing when I was a little girl that church was a "hospital." It was a place for people who were sick and for those who needed healing. I believe this concept was adapted from Jesus' words recorded in the book of Luke: "Jesus answered them, 'Healthy people don't need a doctor–sick people do. I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners and need to repent'" (Luke 5:31-32).

In this text Jesus was responding to questions concerning his affiliation with sinners. Jesus responded to the Pharisees by telling them that he came to save sinners and to lead them to repentance. Jesus compared sin to sickness, and he deemed himself the master physician. I believe the church should be a hospital, where Jesus is our master physician. It should be a place where those who are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually wounded can come. It is a place where we should be able to check in and when we leave, we are healed or on the road to recovery.

The church should be a place where those who are lost can have a seat in the house of God. My concern is not that the doors of the hospital aren't open; instead, I question: Where are all the doctors, nurses, paramedics, and surgeons? Have they been replaced by those who are unlicensed to practice medicine, those who have no experience, those who lack the qualifications or credentials, and most important, those who have not been commissioned by the "board of medicine"?

I am not saying that every person involved in ministry must have a seminary or religious degree, but I am saying that they must have some qualifications, and the most important one is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Are we allowing those who are not saved to minister to the flock? Are we allowing those who are spiritually sick to treat others who are ill? Are we allowing con-artists to commit fraud and malpractice on the children of God? I am crying, "Yes!"

My heart and my soul weep for individuals hurt by the church. We are allowing unqualified individuals to administer medicine to the flock and no healing is taking place. In fact, they are harming the sheep. For example, I have seen women who have been placed in leadership roles who have massive chaos in their own lives. In my experience, these women are so unhappy that they become very critical of other women and often say and do things that are hurtful to the women under their care. I have also seen new male believers approach men in leadership to obtain advice on how to live a holy, godly lifestyle, only to find their leaders are living unfaithful and ungodly lives.

June 05, 2014 at 8:00 AM

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