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Evangelical Republican Voting So Far

Nationally, it's still Huckabee, but not by much.

MSNBC just ran down the evangelical vote in the Republican contest today. A third of Republican voters surveyed today said they were evangelical. Two-thirds said no.

Of these, 33 percent voted for Huckabee, 31 percent for Romney, 30 percent for McCain, and 4 percent for Ron Paul.

When asked why they voted for their candidate, 53 percent said it was because their candidate "shares my values," 21 percent cited experience, 18 percent said the candidate "says what he believes," and 8 percent said "he has the vest chance to win in November." (The breakdown here wasn't all that different from above. For example, of evangelicals who said they voted for their candidate because he "shares my values," 33 percent were Huckabee voters.)

Here's what the evangelical breakdown looks like so far. (Click for a larger version.)

Posted:February 5, 2008 at 7:47PM
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