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Why Henry Blackaby, Author of 'Experiencing God,' Went Missing

(UPDATED) Son explains how popular Bible teacher's health caused 29-hour disappearance.

Update (Sept. 23): Henry Blackaby will undergo heart surgery tomorrow after disappearing for 29 hours last week.

His son, Richard Blackaby, tweeted an update: "Quadruple bypass surgery on Tuesday. 70-100% blockages. Possible earlier heart attack. ...

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audrey ruth

September 29, 2013  4:14am

Pop Seal said: "Showing up 150 miles from where he was going isn't just a heart problem, in my layman's opinion." I agree with this. I also wonder if his disorientation can be attributed to diabetes, as I have older relatives with the same type of diabetes and they've never experienced this. I too think he may have at least some degree of dementia (which typically develops very gradually - it's totally possible that no relatives realize it yet). We'll be praying for him and his family.

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Pop Seal

September 25, 2013  8:20pm

My mother developed ALZ slowly as most who are afflicted with the disease. Weird behaviors, financial mistakes, and a host of other indicators can go unnoticed by family. The sufferer easily avoids detection and can hide their sickness for a long time. Blackaby deserves the best evaluations and treatments available, even though his affliction may not be ALZ. Showing up 150 miles from where he was going isn't just a heart problem, in my layman's opinion.

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Cornelis Bertus Beekhuizen

September 24, 2013  3:53am

We thanks our Lord Jesus for the book in Dutch "Een God van nabij". We are very blessed with the daily "Experiencing God day by day". We use it every evening before going bed. Just Wednesday we were ask as missionary for India and Africa to start with the Dutch CBMC group Christian managers with the Dutch book. May our Lord Jesus bless Henry in his suffering period. God is near to him, living in his temple, the body where our Lord Jesus dwells in with the Father and the Holy Spirit. It is the dwelling place for New Testament believers such as Ps. 91 for the Old Testament believers was.

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Melany Unrau

September 20, 2013  8:43pm

Grandson of Henry Blackaby...Mike Blackaby 3 hours ago via Twitter · Confirmed that Henry seen 30 minutes ago in Perry GA. Perry police are on the trail with a picture. Son of Henry Blackaby...Mel Blackaby 1 hour ago via Twitter (@melblackaby):We are rejoicing tonight. That have just found Dad. Checking him over physically. Traumatic 28 hrs. Thanks for prayers! Family of God! After 28hrs missing, Dr.Henry Blackaby has been found and is safe. Praise the Lord!!!!!!! Many thousands of us around the country and the world were in steadfast prayer. Believers in the Atlanta had gathered for a prayer vigil at his home church at noon today and then dispersed from there to comb Atlanta in search of him.

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September 20, 2013  6:18pm

Dr. Blackaby has been influential in so many lives. We are praying for him.

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