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Jon Acuff Resigns from 'Dream Job' with Dave Ramsey

'Stuff Christians Like' blogger and author starts new site.

Update (Oct. 21): Jon Acuff launched a new personal blog today, a month after his surprising resignation from the Dave Ramsey team. Ramsey still has control of the writer's former sites, jonacuff.com and Stuff Christians Like.

In his debut post ...

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Gerald Goffin

September 23, 2013  6:09am

I don't have an opinion re: what kind of explanation is required, but THIS explanation was limited to what was NOT the reason for leaving and said nothing whatsoever re: why he quit. So one is left "reading between the lines"; i.e. "something bad happened but I don't want to talk about it." This, of course, is the traditional corporate way for folks to leave when they are not satisfied with their employment situation but still want to get a decent severance package.

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Jim Ricker

September 20, 2013  10:12pm

Jon & Jenny, thanks for the explanation that I do not deserve nor require. Pray that wherever you're going, it is on the path He has laid out in advance for you to do good works.

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Tim Fall

September 20, 2013  2:31pm

He gave more of an explanation than any of us were entitled to. Transitions are hard enough without feeling like people are watching, scrutinizing and eventually judging. Blessings, Tim

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