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Terrorists Target Christians in Nairobi Mall, Killing More Than 60 Shoppers

(UPDATED) Gunmen release non-Muslim hostages, but still holed up in Kenya's capital.

Update (Sept. 23): The Westgate Mall siege is almost over.

AsiaNews reports several al Shabaab terrorists committed suicide after holding non-Muslim hostages inside the mall for two days. But CNN reports the hostage situation has come to a close ...

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Alessio Ventura

September 24, 2013  6:42pm

Fellow Christians, Just recently, there were several Christians murdered in Egypt, and nary a word from our President or the Congress. As with the victims of Benghazi, our politicians are silent, yet, the President calls for war when the innocent souls of Syria are gassed, perhaps by our sworn enemy, Al Qaeda. Where is his call for action now and where is his call to seek justice for the Benghazi victims? http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2013/08/19/christians -being-slaughtered-in-egypt-by-radical-islamists-n1667835 Is Lucifer that rampant that he has silenced us through fear, or do we have the SPIRIT of THE ALMIGHTY coursing through our veins, to exact due justice upon this evil, sub-human enemy? Excuses mean nothing to those maimed and slaughtered. Stop the excuses. When will we slay the dragon? This is not a call for an Inquisition, this is a call to defend ourselves by vanquishing our enemy, Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Until we do, expect more carnage.

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September 24, 2013  3:27pm

I also agree with Greg C. CT, watch your headlining! And William H "the United States appears to stand with the Muslim Brotherhood"? Not hardly.

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Laura Stammberger

September 23, 2013  8:32am

I agree with Craig.

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Mike S

September 23, 2013  7:11am

The headline seems fine. 83% Christian, 11% Muslim, and 6% other according to wikipedia. It is true that they target any non-muslim.

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Greg Crofford

September 23, 2013  1:51am

This headline is misleading, and pours fuel on the fire of negative Christian/Muslim relations. By all news accounts that I have read, selected gunmen said that they were targeting "non-Muslims." Included in the non-Muslim category would be people of many faiths -- Christian, Hindu (there are many of Indian heritage in Kenya), animistic, or those with no faith at all. So, how is this singling out Christians only, as your headline would lead the reader to believe? The Indian man you mention as having been shot for not knowing the name of Muhammad's mother was most likely a Hindu. As a Christian missionary who lived in Kenya for 3 years, I ask you please, CT: Be careful with how you word things.

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Displaying 1–5 of 7 comments.

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