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Joel Hunter's Son Isaac Found Dead After Suicide

(UPDATED) Two Orlando-area megachurches ask for prayers for grieving family; Kay Warren, who recently lost her own son to suicide, reacts.

Isaac Hunter, the middle son of Joel Hunter, an Orlando-area megachurch pastor and spiritual adviser to President Barack Obama, has reportedly died by suicide. News spread via an email sent to members of Summit Church, which Isaac founded in 2002. ...

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Leland Nelson

March 03, 2014  11:53am

Mr. Burke, suicide is much more complicated than bad doctrine. So, your post is insensitive and uninformed. But most of all, it lacks compassion.

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Frank Keefe

December 13, 2013  7:56pm

My yoke is easy my burden is light saith the Lord....I commend the Hunter family to our Lord at this sad time

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Robert Burke

December 12, 2013  9:33am

Well, Churchianity's problems are doctrine-driven. Bad doctrine causes bad outcomes. If at the core, if at the very bottom of things... doctrine is actually flaky and contrived to obtain money, power and fame... the leaders will know and at the same time not know... but the leadership tends to implode. So this is hard truth... and one thing Churchianity does better than anything is avoid hard truth. In That Day Teachings consists of the high truths trying to stop pastor suicides and such. But the gatekeepers really don't like hard truth's publication... so gatekeepers and the empowered don't want what they've prayed for... which is solution... because solution is hard. They want a quick fix, like all the best selling books promise. So, we're stuck in an endless loop right now... gatekeepers not wanting to go to hard truth.... sheep stuck under soft truth that isn't really true... Quick fix books sold.... Then we're shocked, shocked at pastor suicide? In That Day Teachings, now!

John Gunter

December 11, 2013  12:49am

My heart goes out to all involved in this situation. I wrote my thoughts up on the previous CT article on Isaac Hunter and a few others in similar situations. . . http://johngunter.net/pastor-sin/ .

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Displaying 1–4 of 4 comments.

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