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The Top Law Schools for Devout Christians

National Jurist offers new ranking on behalf of Protestant and Catholic students, as well as Mormons, Jews, and Muslims.

Add one more variable to the rankings of top law schools: Does the school leave religious students feeling "soul-less"?

The National Jurist, a magazine which describes itself as "the voice of legal education," explored this question ...

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Bill Cook

January 14, 2014  12:07pm

I am a lawyer and a former law professor (and a Christian). This list of law schools is ludicrous. A Christian law student should attend the law school that offers the best education. The schools on that list select professors based on ideology, not excellence. I attended a secular law school, and belonged to the Christian Legal Society there. I got a superb education, and put that education to use for God's Kingdom. And a few years ago, I worked as a professor at a secular law school. The school gave me complete autonomy over how to structure my course, what to put in the curriculum. I taught Wildlife Law. As part of that course, I had my students read a number of sources that shed light on how our legal system's approach to wildlife evolved. Among those sources were portions of Scripture. The students responded well to those readings, and I got no flak from anyone (students, faculty or administration) for including portions of Scripture.

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James Cowles

January 14, 2014  10:06am

@ Carrie Geren Scoggins ... "The Democrat liberal controlled law schools teach law from the perspective of how they want the laws to read, rather than the actual court precedents. " Evidence, please ...

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January 13, 2014  11:41pm

I am sure attending a Christian school of law would benefit one in the study of cases where religious civil rights are an issue. The Democrat liberal controlled law schools teach law from the perspective of how they want the laws to read, rather than the actual court precedents. The court precedents that oppose their liberal Democrat viewpoints are just not discussed, therefore their students are not getting the education of which they are paying for. Carrie Geren Scoggins Political Newsletter Christian civil rights movement

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Brian Howell

January 13, 2014  10:29am

I agree with Joseph. How is a law school "good for Christians" if it doesn't help said Christian get a job? I get annoyed at these sorts of lists that separate so-called Christian criteria from the criteria that are important everyone. What are things like overall prestige and job placement? Pagan criteria?

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Joseph J Tognetti

January 11, 2014  12:49pm

My wife is a lawyer and an evangelical Christian. She looked at schools with a Christian emphasis, but also wanted to attend a law school with the best possible prospects of job placement upon graduation. She eventually attended UT-Austin, but seriously considered attending Notre Dame. When we looked at these rankings, we were a bit surprised that overall academic ranking, job placement rates, etc. were not part of the ranking system. Trinity Law School, for example, is not even accredited by the ABA!! Of course, academic reputation and career placement are not the most important factors when considering a law school that's a good fit for evangelical Christians (she liked UT, but it was certainly not the most Christ-centered place on the planet). However, to not consider reputation, job placement, or even accreditation, does a disservice to devout Christians who want to attend quality graduate schools. After all, the purpose of pursuing law school is to actually practice law.

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James Cowles

January 11, 2014  10:14am

It would be interesting to take, say, Liberty law school's course(s) on con law, especially courses they might have on First Amendment case law & construal, and get Liberty law faculty's take on the role of religious doctrine in the writing & interpretation of civil law & the relationship of both to the "establishment" & "free exercise" clauses of the First Amendment. Ditto Article VI, para. 3's prohibition of religious tests for the holding of public office. Also decisions like "Roe", "Casey", "Griswold", "Eisenstadt", "Romer v. Evans", "Lawrence v. Texas", "Cutter v. Wilkinson", "McCollum v. Board of Ed.", & "Zorach v. Clauson".

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