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Fired President Sues CCCU, Claims $2 Million Owed

(UPDATED) Council for Christian Colleges and Universities 'stands ready to defend its decision' to fire Edward O. Blews Jr., as he seeks damages for breaching his contract. At issue: Was he an "intentional failure"?

[Updated 10:23 a.m. Thurs., Feb 13, with CCCU official reaction.]

After a "careful investigation," the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) in October fired its president after less than 10 months on the job. On Wednesday ...

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audrey ruth

February 15, 2014  1:45pm

I really couldn't tell from this article alone what the issues were. The linked World magazine article helped a lot to shed light on this. Blews' inaugural was problematic in itself, which seems to have foreshadowed more problems to come. Aside from the issues, I wonder at two things in general here: 1) the exorbitant amount of money Blews is asking for, and 2) the scriptural injunction against taking fellow believers to court. Overall, the whole thing sounds very sad and even disgraceful.

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Scott Sykes

February 15, 2014  10:25am

Sounds to me that the CCCU has some serious internal problems and that Mr. Edward O. Blews Jr. ruffled some archaic feathers. It is a shame that the board is so entrenched in its backwards and Un-Christ like behavior that they would jeopardize a man's reputation and put their own lively hood on the chopping block. Sounds like the CCCU is an unsound Christian doctrinal organization to work for. Hope that the CCCU has its financials in order. Those things that are hidden in the dark shall be made known in the light of truth

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