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Suicide Bus Bombing Kills South Korean Christians on Holy Land Pilgrimage

Four dead as church group celebrating 60th anniversary tries to travel from Egypt to Israel.

A bus full of South Korean Christians who saved money for years in order to visit biblical sites in Egypt and Israel were attacked Sunday by a suicide bomber.

Four people were killed in the bombing, including the Egyptian driver, a church member, ...

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audrey ruth

February 20, 2014  12:40am

Joseph, it is true that God says vengeance is His (not ours) and He will repay. However, I did not see Frankie suggesting vengeance - only that we use the armor of God as He intended, against the true enemy (Ephesians 6:10). The only thing I would add to Frankie's statement is: "Let their [the terrorists'] days be filled with fear OF GOD." The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. I pray they will encounter the risen Christ as Saul did when he was changed to Paul, that their lives will be as radically changed as his was, from hatred to love, from darkness to light, from strife to peace.

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Joseph Kim

February 17, 2014  10:20pm

Frankie, unfortunately, your comment is devoid of gospel truth. Although God is just, it is God who judges and who will judge. It's not our place to "fight against our enemies." What we are called to do is be like Christ and lay our lives down for the sake of gospel. Still, at the same time, my heart aches for those unjustly killed. I eagerly await the day when the righteous judgement of GOD (not man) will be pronounced on those who persecuted the Church. God has not called us to some sort of self-righteous war against our enemies. He has called us to take his message of victory over sin and death to the ends of the earth. To witness the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the grace freely given to all those who believe. That is how we stand against the works of Satan. For the power of the gospel is greater than the power of man. So yes, let us pray. But we pray for the salvation of those who killed our brethren, and ask God to have mercy on them, just as He had mercy on us.

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Frankie Lee

February 17, 2014  7:13pm

Our anger must rise up as our brethren suffered evils,gets killed by the hands of terrorists.It should cause us to be ever more diligence with God.The Bible told us that the devils came to kill,and Satan seeks to devour our weaker brethren,it urge us to be even more careful with our lives. These tragedies,and much evils in our present days,all the more we must stand shoulder with God,and with one another,to fight against our enemies.While the Devils insinuate that our God did not protect us,and deceived Christians began to murmurs and complaints,like Israelites under captivities,all the more we must dig in our grounds,use the Word of God as a sword. We can pray,use our Spiritual authority,unleash the powers of God to work on our behalf.God is for us. Let those terrorists who killed our brethren in the Holy Land,their evil works be stop now,and no more effective against civilians and human beings.Let their days be fill with fear,and let them be paralysed in strength.Amen

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