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How the World's Top 10 Countries Search the Bible Differently

Are pastors preaching Paul too much and Old Testament too little? Leading Bible website analyzes top verses searched by millions worldwide.

Which Bible verses are searched for most often in the world's 10 most populous countries? Psalm 23, Genesis 1, and 1 Corinthians 13, according to the world's leading Bible website.

Yet China, India, the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, ...

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angela cleary

March 11, 2014  4:15pm

go against the grain! go the extra mile! be eager to be kind to everyone and the community! even just only a few seconds of kindness lasts far longer then you will ever know and continues generations onwards! your unknown positive talents or hints of values become self-discovered! the unknown or known centre of all life inside of you is everyone's positive future! practice just being you a few seconds or a few times a day for future generations! reflect at the end of each day for a few minutes and gratefully remember the experiences of the day each day!

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ronaldo diomampo

February 26, 2014  11:09pm

There are many Old Testament passages that refers to Christ. These should be taught or preached about to further strengthen the believers' understanding of Chris in the New Testament.

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Stan Nussbaum

February 25, 2014  12:07pm

Aline C, good question. When we assembled the data at GMI, we assumed that the several mentions of John 1 and the Chinese choice of Matthew 1 as most searched chapter probably indicated a search for the whole gospel book, not the contents of chapter 1. John 3:16 is mentioned several times too, but still your point is a good one. The gospels are under-represented and, I would add, Psalms is over-represented. I think this may show that people are going to the Bible more for encouragement or strength for a specific struggle than they are going to it for transformation. If they consider all religions to have similar value, then they may search the Bible just like they would any other sacred book--looking for tidbits that can help them out but not expecting to have their whole life shaken up and reoriented. But if they look anywhere at all in the Bible, they are playing near the edge of the pool and may slip into a totally unexpected new life.

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Morgan Trotter

February 24, 2014  1:57pm

I've also noticed different denominations focus on different parts of the Bible. Evangelicals tend to preach a lot from the epistles and John. Mainline churches preach mostly from the Synoptic Gospels. Charismatics preach a lot from the Old Testament.

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audrey ruth

February 22, 2014  1:37pm

One thing to keep in mind is what this article does NOT say: It lists Bible passages that are searched for MOST often. It does not say that other scriptures are not searched for.

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Displaying 1–5 of 7 comments.

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