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Muslim Nation Bans Christians from Using 19 Religious Words

Brunei expands Malaysia’s ban on ‘Allah', long used by local Christians, to other Islamic words other religions can no longer use.

Following a decision to implement Shari'ah law in the country, the Brunei government has banned 19 Islamic words from use by non-Muslims.

The words, which include Allah—long used by regional Christians to refer to God—and other words ...

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Randall Laraway

March 09, 2014  7:52pm

So, how much has Islam been bombarded with Christian words that Christians find offensive? Let's put the show on the other foot as it were. If the Muslim religion can supposedly prevent particular words from being repeated, then let's reverse it in order of being fair. OR, is fairness part of Islamic vocabulary?

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Antoine Haddad

March 01, 2014  1:28pm

As in many other Muslim countries , where Sharia in its strictest sense . is being applied , this is a prelude to the emergence of further Al-Qaeda or Islamic Jihad and terrorism . The name of Allah has never been denied to Christians in the history of the Islamic empire. It is oil money and extreme wealth that is leading to such fanaticism and persecution of the other . One would expect that money should lead to education and openness. The opposite is happening, This will never change until the West changes its policies of sacrificing Christian and other minorities in Islamic countries for political purposes and interests. It is my prayer as well as that of many faithful Christians that God will overrule and have mercy on His people, the church.

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allen warren

February 27, 2014  6:42pm

Ironically, in both cases [Malaysia and Brunei], these edicts were established by the Sultans...keepers of the Islamic religion. One from the richest state in Malaysia and the other , one of the richest men in the world. And for the rest of the world reading here, going against the Sultan [in Malaysia] is tantamount to sedition. So, The church is forced to obey the "law", and indirectly the Sultan. And that's not even going into the semantics of the forbidden words. The other irony is the legalism involved. Polygamy and divorce with a press of a button are substitutes for adultery..and fully legal. And finally, a word or two, on the church..The non Christian communities know the church today because of the protests and legal actions it has taken against the "Allah issue". It is extremely sad, that we are now well known because of this reason & not because of the love of Christ that we profess and show. Lastly,the people who are really persecuted are the Muslims; they have zero freedom

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Maryann Eidemiller

February 27, 2014  3:07pm

"Death by stoning for a married non-Muslim committing adultery with a married Muslim." I wonder if they have a penalty for a non-married non-Muslim committing adultery with a non-married Muslim. Or non-married non-Muslim with a married Muslim? How about a non-married non-Muslim with a non-married non-Muslim? How about a married Muslim with a married Muslim? (Or does only the woman get stoned?) Or a non-married Muslim with a married Muslim? Or a non-married Muslim with a non-married Muslim? Etc etc etc. And the reason that anyone wants to live in that country, or belong to that faith is what?

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Mike Tisdell

February 27, 2014  9:40am

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation on both sides of this debate. Here is an article that may help to bring some understanding: http://hamilim.netronix.com/2013/07/01/is-allah-the-god-of-the-bible/ Un fortunately, the strong reaction to the legitimate use of 'allah' in some languages is largely a result of its misuse by translators who believe that people can come into the kingdom of God through Islam and should not covert to Christianity. In the case of the Malay language, 'allah' is a valid word to use as a translation for 'god' i.e. el, elohim, theos, etc... but the translators pushing these ideas have produced bibles in Malay that translate Yahweh as Allah (something that has no historical precidence in Malay and is ALWAYS wrong!). Additionally these translation have always violated the law because the law requires them to be labled as a "Christian Publication" and these "bibles" are made to look like Islamic publications and do not identify themselves as Christian publi

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