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Pastors Hope All-Night Prayer Vigil Prevents Russia from Invading Ukraine

(UPDATED) Church leaders grateful for global prayer response as "tension has been tremendous.' Russian evangelical says, 'Churches must stop armed conflict.'

Update (March 4): Under threat of an invasion from Russia, Ukrainian church leaders say their call for an all-night prayer vigil received a global response overnight. "The situation here is stabilizing slowly," said Vitaly Sorokun, pastor ...

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Joey Brown

March 13, 2014  3:43pm

@Richard Magnus - Amen! Your spot on. The nation-states use moralistic and patriotic verbiage to justify their cause, but in reality it is all about power and money, and not to the benefit of the common man.

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March 05, 2014  4:59am

Disregarding who is right and who is wrong at the leadership level in Russia or Ukraine, the below comments seem to ignore what the article has been written about, and has revealed to us, that PRAYER TO GOD IS BEING SOUGHT by all the churches both in Russia and Ukraine, prayers to God for peace, restraint and cool heads, so this can be solved at the negotiating table. Should the Lord God hear and answer these prayers, Jesus will just be giving us a very tiny example of how he will solve genuine border disputes among nations in his Millennial Kingdom of God as he had Isaiah prophecy about in Isaiah 2:4, "And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruninghoooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more." Is it possible that we through prayers to God can bring about a tiny foretaste of this wonderful event? That's what the article is about. PRAY

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Richard Magnus

March 04, 2014  3:39pm

@ Sergey...Putin has nukes, and if Russia is targeted with "regime change" and partitioning into smaller, western-client states, I expect him to use them. No thanks. I'd prefer not to be blown to dust by a ballistic missile. Solve your own problems. We're broke, we've got huge unemployment and social problems at home, and if you haven't noticed, we torture and spy on people now, too. You have a problem with your neighbors, figure it out yourself. Leave us out of it.

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March 04, 2014  3:00pm

I can see in this movements of Putin very interesting historical parallel with Nazi Germany in 1936. The Anschluss was among the first major steps of Adolf Hitler's creation of a Greater German Reich which was to include all ethnic German and all the lands and territories which the German Empire had lost after World War I. Same thing Mr Putin is doing now, under false reasons to protect Russian speaking population in Ukraine he started military invasion of this sovereign country. He is trying to rebuild Soviet Empire that was broken down in 1991. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry accused Russia of making up reasons to intervene in Ukraine, saying Tuesday that "not a single piece of credible evidence" supports Russian explanations for its move into Crimea. "Russia has talked about Russian-speaking citizens being under siege. They're not," he said while on a visit to Kiev. All speeches of Mr Putin are just clear water propaganda. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain did in 1938 what many people now think it is the best way toward Putin – to avoid conflict with him. Mr Chamberlain was making political or material concessions to Hitler in order to avoid conflict too. Now people condemned him for allowing Adolf Hitler's Germany to grow too strong. At the time, these concessions were widely seen as positive, and the Munich Pact concluded on 30 September 1938 among Germany, Britain, France and Italy prompted Chamberlain to announce that he had secured "peace for our time”. September 1st 1939 started WWII that killed over 60 mln people. Better stop Putin now!

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Richard Magnus

March 04, 2014  1:39pm

(Cont..) That said, don't misunderstand me. I don't endorse Vladimir Putin or Russian policy. It's simply an unfortunate fact that our own government and our own media have lost too much credibility for us, as Christians, to assume what they say is true. We want to contain and ultimately dismantle Russia so we can control its vast oil and gas reserves, and this coup was instigated with our help in order to deprive Russia of its Mediterranean port and seize control of its gas pipelines. If this was being done to ensure our own nation's survival, that'd be one thing. But the powerful people who use our military to enforce their will on foreign nations are not concerned about the US, but about their global business empires that outsource our jobs to India and China (Russian allies, ironically) and flood our own nation with immigrants. So we have to ask whether there is anything this for us, as Americans, before we go to war - and not just for the IMF and World Bank.

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Richard Magnus

March 04, 2014  1:17pm

Evangelical Christians need to be leery of supporting the U.S. government on this. This was not a spontaneous uprising of the Ukrainian people against a dictator. This was the overthrow of an elected government by business oligarchs -and Ukrainian factions had previously reached an agreement for new elections within the year. The fact that the coup's leaders couldn't wait a few months to organize an election is very telling. On one hand, we have the American corporate media telling us there are no Neo-Nazis in the new government, that Russians are being treated fairly, and Putin is launching a massive invasion. Unfortunately, the corporate media has proven itself to be a claque of liars time and time again in regard to the U.S. economy, the war in Iraq, etc. So I'm inclined to believe the alternative media that says the coup is led by neo-Nazis, ethnic cleansing is on the agenda, etc. I strongly suggest you view materials for both sides before jumping behind John Kerry on this one.

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