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'The Romeikes Can Stay': Good News for German Home-Schooling Family Denied Asylum

Family no longer faces deportation, despite Supreme Court punting on whether home schooling is a religious freedom.

In a dramatic 24-hour turnaround, the German family that could have faced deportation after the Supreme Court didn't take their case has been granted "indefinite deferred status" by the Department of Homeland Security.

"We're ...

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Fr Samuel Doughty

March 04, 2014  8:07pm

This is an answer to prayer, mine and those of many other American Christians who have been dismayed and ashamed that the USA would persecute these folks on what is so clearly a matter of faith. I cannot find the words to express my disappointment that the Supreme Court has dodged this issue. This is a significant indicator of just how far we have fallen. Thanks be to God that they will be allowed to stay. (I do not worry that they will be convicted of any crimes voiding their permission to stay.)

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