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(UPDATED) After narrow "No" vote, Scottish evangelicals say churches will take lead in building the 'new Scotland.'

"As Scots now consider what kind of nation will now emerge from this campaign, the church must lead—and be allowed to lead—the way to ensure the new Scotland is one that reflects

Christian fellowship finds silver lining in being booted from America's largest university system.

costly" for the student ministry's 23 chapters on 19 campuses of California State University (CSU Every local church that is near a college campus should soberly consider retrofitting and

(UPDATED) Mars Hill responds Friday to leaked letter, says 'our team is Jesus, not one group of elders or another.'

We are seriously concerned about the state of our church, especially the state our leadership at the highest levels and our continued lack of transparency in general.

'Don’t stop us from carrying on our mission,' say 50 schools as Jewish state slashes support.

between the Holy See and the State of Israel as well as special agreements with the different Christian schools. This behavior limits the rights of the Christian Church to manage its

(UPDATED) Mars Hill cancels Resurgence conference. Paul Tripp says Driscoll's accountability model will never work. Board insists 'making real progress' on problems.

be dishonored.". Mars Hill is no longer listed on the Acts 29 church directory page for Washington state. Acts 29 declined to comment further to CT. No

Another mass exodus as 100,000 displaced Christians seek safety in Kurdish cities.

Islamic State militants seized control of the "Christian capital of Iraq,” Qaraqosh, and IS militants have taken down crosses on churches and burned church manuscripts, according to the

A few countries give China, where a campaign to de-Christianize city skylines continues, some competition.

form of persecution—is also used to try to create a deeper form of persecution, creating a situation where the apparatus of the state is used to control and dominate the church," he said.

A 'near totality' warn U.S. evangelicals (and others) against becoming too friendly with the Catholic Church.

CT regularly reports on Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT), including its role in charting a historical path between church-state debates and how it unified evangelicals and

Obama nomination of David Saperstein will require strong Senate support.

He is also an Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center, where he teaches First Amendment Church-State Law and Jewish Law.

Tax agency and FFRF announce settlement, but Milwaukee church disputes the lawsuit's dismissal.

IRS to Atheists: Okay, We'll Investigate Pulpit Freedom Sunday Pastors. Tax agency and FFRF announce settlement, but Milwaukee church disputes the lawsuit's dismissal.

(UPDATED) Historic community comes to 'a real end' after ISIS ultimatum tells Christians to convert, pay tax, or die.

houses in Mosul with the letter the phrase "property of the Islamic State" and an Arabic Muslims have shown support for their fellow Christian citizens by attending a church service with

President Michael Lindsay among 26 CCCU presidents urging an exemption clause in pending executive order.

Gordon College Loses City Contract, Gets Accreditation Scrutiny. President Michael Lindsay among 26 CCCU presidents urging an exemption clause in pending executive order.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for nearly 100 coastal deaths since early June.

men wounded more than a dozen of the 200-member Joy in Jesus Church in the in northeastern Nigeria, and launched military operations in 2009 to form an Islamic state, the BBC

Terrorist group Boko Haram has killed more than 2,000 this year.

The group's mission is to create an Islamic state ruled by Shari'ah law. Nine people died on June 1 after Boko Haram gunned them down during a morning church service in Gwoza, a

As states overturn gay marriage bans, the "blue state thing" is turning less partisan.

Every state law banning same-sex marriage has been challenged. The Evangelical Lutheran Church and United Church of Christ, among others, already sanction the practice in some

The Persian Gulf island has had a Christian presence for over a century.

are Muslim, according to the US State Department and the CIA. Fourteen percent are Christians, but few Christians are indigenous, according to the Reformed Church in America, which

(UPDATED) The divestment of the 1.8 million-member denomination may have symbolic power, but how much?

to "Reject any proposed divestment and economic sanctions against the state of Israel or any Inc., Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola Solutions, in accord with our church's decades-long

As a divided high court hands down its decision, Christians focus on the government's response.

continues to have the right to use the word Allah in our Bibles, church services and Non-Muslims have also been banned from using Allah in Brunei, an independent bordering state.

IBLP board decides seminar speaker acted inappropriately but not criminally.

Because of the claims about me I do want to state that I have never kissed a girl Thessalonians 5:22), and he must have a good reputation, even with those outside the Church (I Timothy

(UPDATED) Seventh Circuit previously decided that large cross in Wisconsin sanctuary created an unconstitutional environment.

Ruth Moon. [ posted 6/17/2014 10:32AM ]. Courtesy of Becket Fund. Elmbrook Church, which hosted the local high school's commencement in 2000. 0; 29; share; email; print.

Displaying 1–20 of 671 Articles
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