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Unusual faith coalition calls on Congress to limit payday loans.

In January, faith leaders in Kentucky asked the state legislature to lower the interest rate cap on The coalition aims to educate the public and church members about payday lending.

Police investigated sexual assaults in 2006, but no charges were brought against Duggar. TLC pulls program from its lineup.

Jim Bob told police in 2006 that when Josh returned home in 2003, Jim Bob, accompanied by some of his church elders, took Josh to Arkansas State Trooper, Jim Hutchens.

(UPDATED) After State Department approves visit, nun tells US congressmen that Iraqi Christians wish to return home.

Duros-Europas area, ISIS has looted an historically signficant Christian house church, which dates to Religious freedom activists are calling on the US State Department to reverse its

Government closes churches, while politicians dispute whether 13 or hundreds of former Adventist's followers were killed.

Angolan church leaders also expressed criticism. officially protects freedom of religion, its policies often present a challenge to religious minorities, the US State Department noted last

Pro-Russian forces condemned for ongoing aggression. Orthodox Church criticized.

The Russian government and the Orthodox church have extensive ties and the state provides subsides to underwrite Russian Orthodox activities. Philip

But few Americans want ministries like InterVarsity punished for sticking to convictions.

“If you take the fees, you've got to play by the school's rules,” he said. Discomfort with faith requirements lessens at private colleges, Stetzer added, since no state money is involved.

Christian law professor calls for federal international mandated reporting law.

The stateside domestic mandated reporting laws have led to many criminal convictions that otherwise might never have occurred because state law required that the authorities be

Good Samaritans fight attempts to ban food-sharing programs.

In May 2013, the Religious Liberty Clinic at Stanford University's law school filed a lawsuit on behalf of a California church against the city of San Buenaventura, arguing that the

(UPDATED) Scores of deaths will likely revive burial debate. Disaster delays religious freedoms of new constitution.

Another church in Kathmandu was just letting out as the quake hit. "Two, institutionalize the historic gains, like the republican setup and the secular state—these are two historic gains

Conservatives announce alternative to Mennonite Church USA: Evana.

is organizing itself as a conservative alternative to the Mennonite Church USA (MC t recognize her licensing until the denomination's delegate assembly “changes the state polity on

Televised prayers at Yerevan memorial cap an unprecedented effort at forgiveness.

in the fourth century, the Kingdom of Armenia was the first nation to adopt Christianity as its state religion. “This page in history is really painful for every Armenian,” a church leader from

(UPDATED) Adventists warn pastors to steer clear of endorsement in light of Carson's campaign.

Adventists have a long history of promoting religious freedom and advocating for the separation of church and state. Their pastors are all denominational

Propaganda video released the same day Justin Welby arrives in Cairo to honor previous 21 victims.

28 men targeted by the Libya affiliate of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (also known to both groups of victims as "worshippers of the cross belonging to the hostile Ethiopian church.".

Few Crimean religious groups recognized under Russian rule.

existing centralized religious organization, or in some cases to pass a state religion expertise in Crimea, where the majority of the population belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church.

(UPDATED) President puts Tom Oord's termination on hold after three-quarters of faculty vote 'no confidence.'

“I want to state unequivocally that no individual in this process was The professor's firing, supporters say, is the latest example of the Nazarene Church's ongoing debate over evolution.

ABS study find only 1 in 7 read Good Book daily.

Those are among the findings of the latest State of the Bible report from the American Bible Others have left the church (12 percent), or say a difficult life experience made them doubt

Surge in pro-life legislation in states enters fifth year.

“Dismemberment abortion kills a baby by tearing her apart limb from limb,” said National Right to Life (NRL) Director of State Legislation Mary Spaulding Balch.

80 leaders sign letter. Pope Francis critical of weak response to ‘unacceptable crimes.’

"Rarely since the first century has the church in the East faced persecution on this scale. On June 10, Islamic State (IS) terrorists captured Mosul, Iraq's second largest city.

Christians were concerned about corruption, Boko Haram, and the last election's retaliatory violence.

Earlier this year, Boko Haram, which the US State labeled a terrorist organization Although Boko Haram repeatedly targets Christians in church attacks, bombings, and school shootings

Leaders say 'death penalty is plagued by racial and economic disparities.'

president of National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) and lead pastor at Lamb's Church in New But advocacy groups are having success at the state level in banning the death

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