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Bill de Blasio campaigned on the promise of letting churches rent school space. Now he’s asking the Supreme Court to prohibit it.

The Journey team partnered with a Colgate University class to survey NYC passersby if they thought worship in public schools was a violation of church/state separation.

Offering to take 100 lashes each, 7 of 9 USCIRF commissioners 'would rather share in' blogger's punishment than 'watch him being cruelly tortured.'

Saudi Arabia, one of the US State Department's eight "countries of particular concern," ranked possible website endings to include faith-based domain names such as .church and .bible

Abedini's 6-year-old son asks President of the United States: 'Please bring daddy home' by March birthday.

in 2012, his release has also been requested by Billy Graham, Secretary of State John Kerry, and “Pastor Saeed has become the face of the persecuted Christian church worldwide, one

'No religion is an island,' says Becket Fund after successfully defending Muslim prisoner.

a beard that short would pose a substantial security threat, as the state's Department of the Supreme Court's first religious liberty case of 2015, involving restrictions on church signage.

Open Doors says 2014 saw the worst persecution of Christians in the 'modern era'—but not because of violence.

Boyd-McMillan noted: "As Li Tien En, a famous house church Christian in China used to say CT also noted how the State Department and USCIRF disagree on which countries deserves

World Vision's reversal, Kay Warren on son's suicide, 33 Christian leaders under 33, and more.

The popular blogger thrives on big surprises, busy schedules, and church community. "I do not want to be the source of anything that might detract from our church's mission.".

Here are the Christian conversion stories that CT readers shared most.

Inside my own revolution. 4) How I Escaped the Mormon Temple. After being in the LDS Church for 30 years, I began reading the New Testament. What was there shocked me.

Did you catch all the religion news that CT readers found most interesting this year?

4) $600,000 Stolen from Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church Offering. Megachurch 'heartbroken' but working closely with police on investigation. 1) Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church.

(UPDATED) Hindu nationalists refuse to back down on Christian and Muslim re-conversions, dub India a 'Hindu nation.'

But even as the BJP consolidated its state-level power in 2005, CT reported that increased violence and repression wasn't stopping church growth. Violence

Magazine argues for splitting civil and Christian marriage. LifeWay examines which Americans agree.

among pastors and Americans, that surprises me—a noteworthy number are ready for pastors to stop saying, 'By the power vested in me by the state…' during a church wedding,” he

Christians are giving away more money than before the recession. But the parachurch, not churches, is getting most of it.

However, all is not bleak: Young people (ages 25 and under) are giving the most to church and religious organizations, according to empty tomb's latest State of Church Giving report

After major restructuring, Nazarene Publishing House given another shot to succeed.

its financial struggles on “shifting cultural circumstances including changes in the church” and the The letter followed an August call to prayer that described NPH's precarious state.

US Army reviews nationwide policy for ROTC profs, who are paid by military but work as full-time faculty.

Can Wheaton College Require ROTC Program Be Run By Christians? US Army reviews nationwide policy for ROTC profs, who are paid by military but work as full-time faculty.

(UPDATED) Reactions from Sam Rodriguez, Russell Moore, Jenny Yang, Noel Castellanos on Obama's motive vs. method.
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President Obama not to turn immigration reform into a red state/blue state issue," said About half (47 percent) of Protestant senior pastors say their church currently helps immigrants.

But question remains: Will IRS agree with DOJ that atheists count as 'ministers of the gospel'?

CT's sister publication, Church Law and Tax, offers more analysis, including how the Seventh Circuit rejected the current challenge but outlined how a future challenge could proceed.

(UPDATED) Bae: 'Thank you ... for lifting me up and not forgetting me.'

I had heard of the severe persecution of the underground Christian church there," he The US State Department welcomed Bae and Miller's release Saturday, and reiterated its "strong

Get ready for a Supreme Court showdown after Sixth Circuit says two judges shouldn't make a decision for 32 million citizens.

For First Time, State Bans on Same-Sex Marriage Upheld by Appeals Court. Get ready for a Supreme Court showdown after Sixth Circuit says two judges

(UPDATED) Prime minister pledges justice after mob kills pregnant wife and husband.

10): After a fact-finding trip, the Church of Pakistan claims that "revenge for unpaid bills" was the real reason a Christian couple fell afoul of “A responsible state cannot tolerate mob rule

National debate over religious freedom prompts withdrawal.

Tuesday's headlines, joined later by groups on the other end of the theological and political spectrum, such as Americans United for Separation of Church and State and Interfaith

Powerhouse TV Christian couple partner with Muslim king to address 'crisis in the cradle of Christianity.'

terrorists' state capital from which all the Christians have fled). They spoke of a different time. Some had grown up in the Christian quarter of Mosul, remembering fondly the local Church

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