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Recent research informs today's A Time To Speak conference, where Bryan Loritts, John Piper, Matt Chandler, and others will discuss race.

Ferguson, Missouri, Cleveland and New York” in order to focus on “race, the church and where leadership summit in March, changed recently from a theme of developing a pro-life ethic

(UPDATED) 300-page GRACE report recommends BJU impose 'corrective action' on chancellor Robert Jones III.

“This duality that combines discipline and counseling under the Student Life structure creates an ethical conflict because of the potential for adverse disciplinary consequences for the

Magazine argues for splitting civil and Christian marriage. LifeWay examines which Americans agree.

"preside only at those weddings that seek to establish a Christian marriage in accord with the principles articulated and lived out from the beginning of the Church's life".

On Thanksgiving, he once wrote, 'I am thankful for cancer. James 1:2-3... Life is richer, trust is stronger and relationships are deeper.'

James 1:2-3... Life is richer, trust is stronger and relationships are deeper.'. Timothy C. Morgan. James 1:2-3.” As he put it, “Life is richer, trust is stronger and relationships are deeper.”.

(UPDATED) Reactions from Sam Rodriguez, Russell Moore, Jenny Yang, Noel Castellanos on Obama's motive vs. method.
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at those around them and say, 'I don't agree with what got you to this place in life, but I About half (47 percent) of Protestant senior pastors say their church currently helps immigrants.

(UPDATED) Warren turns Vatican conference into 'revivalist meeting,' while Moore explains why marriage crosses theological boundaries.

the woman, in order to support and reinvigorate marriage and family life for the on the family, Warren and nearly 50 other Christian conservative intellectuals and church leaders signed

After TV exposé, attorney general seeks ways to rein in fake pastors.

Mark Kariuki, chairman of the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, said in advance of Friday's meeting that Muigai's move to stop church registration and regulate churches amounted to

But question remains: Will IRS agree with DOJ that atheists count as 'ministers of the gospel'?

breathed new life into its lawsuit by restructuring its compensation. CT also noted the irony of the federal government challenging atheists to apply for clergy tax breaks. Church Law and

(UPDATED) Bae: 'Thank you ... for lifting me up and not forgetting me.'

Korea is a South Korean Baptist missionary, Kim Jong-Uk, who received a life sentence in Street Journal that he hoped it would reach the "hands of the underground church." "I was

WaterBrook Multnomah splits from sister imprint whose 'Gay Christian' book led to NRB resignation.

experiential learning, story, self-help, and inspiration to help readers flourish in their faith.” Multnomah seeks to “advance the mission of the church” by looking for “life-changing culture

Come New Year's Day, 13 churches will go their separate ways or shut down.

Morgan Lee. [ posted 10/31/2014 03:35PM ]. Screenshot of Mars Hill Church location map. Mars Hill's Seattle-area campuses. 0; 425; share; email; print. Marking

Powerhouse TV Christian couple partner with Muslim king to address 'crisis in the cradle of Christianity.'

our church. They took everything from our homes. We ran from our homes at 1am in the morning, only with the clothes on our back. We thank Jesus one‐thousand times for life.

School says "period of discernment" focused on pastoral response, not changing conduct policy.

Brittingham also said the school's current Life and Conduct policy—which bans Gordon community members from “sexual relations outside marriage” and “homosexual practice,”—“may

Family ministry has LifeWay Research examine how well (or not well) churches address mental health.

God. CT also covered Saddleback Church senior pastor Rick Warren's mental health ministry launch after his son Matthew took his own life in 2013. ----.

Fresh stats on who thinks churches should endorse candidates, whether homosexual behavior is a sin, and has it gotten harder to be an evangelical.

candidates and other intersections of church and state. While three out of four Americans (72%, a record high) believe that religion is "losing its influence on American life," a majority of

(UPDATED) After narrow "No" vote, Scottish evangelicals say churches will take lead in building the 'new Scotland.'

that are, in technical terms, 'underdetermined' by the available evidence—because all life is. coverage of Scotland includes its role in world missions, whether church membership has

Scenario is increasingly common in Protestant congregations.

Cohabitation goes against the Roman Catholic Church's teaching on sex and marriage, and priests typically encourage couples living together to find separate arrangements before

Christian fellowship finds silver lining in being booted from America's largest university system.

Every local church that is near a college campus should soberly consider retrofitting and enhancing its But local churches–at least at this point in American life–are not inhibited from

(UPDATED) ALS raises $100 million in 30 days; pro-life groups worry about embryonic research.

A Facebook page which chronicles Dobson's life since contracting ALS features dozens of Elevation Church's pastor Steven Furtick also noted in his church's video (below) that his late

(UPDATED) Mars Hill responds Friday to leaked letter, says 'our team is Jesus, not one group of elders or another.'

“It became clear to me that a distant, external accountability board can never work well because it isn't a firsthand witness to the ongoing life and ministry of the church,” Tripp wrote.

Displaying 1–20 of 672 articles
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