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Leader died two days before $1.7 million Templeton Prize was awarded to Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arche communities.

He was 75. The cause of death was cancer, according to a family member. The family withheld announcement of the death until after the award ceremony.

(UPDATED) Funeral for Andrew Chan, whom Sydney pastor communicated with 'almost every day,' involves his own eulogy.

Just before my court date (where he would receive the death penalty), I remember reading Mark 11:23-24, where it says that if you have enough faith you can say to this mountain, 'Be

(UPDATED) Scores of deaths will likely revive burial debate. Disaster delays religious freedoms of new constitution.

Global Mission Nepal identifies the church as Nepali Evangelical Church in Kapan, and put the death toll at 80. A Brethren in Christ Church worker in Nepal reports:

Propaganda video released the same day Justin Welby arrives in Cairo to honor previous 21 victims.

Prior to the executions, an English-speaking masked narrator dressed in black warns that "the nation of the cross" must either embrace Islam, pay the jizya tax or face death.

Michael Card, Twila Paris, and other stars of contemporary Christian music pay tribute to Sparrow Records founder.

After Joan's death, Hearn became involved in charities that benefit those suffering from cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. He was honored for that work earlier this year.

Israeli lawyers help family of man once rooted for by Obama.

Court Tells North Korea to Pay US Family $330 Million for Missionary's Death. Israeli lawyers help family of man once rooted for by Obama. There he was tortured and starved to death.

Christian leaders respond to video of Walter Scott shooting.

An RAAN contributer also called for justice in response to Scott's death. Noel Castellanos, the CEO of the Christian Community Development Association, called Scott's death "tragic.".

Leaders say 'death penalty is plagued by racial and economic disparities.'

Death Penalty Repeal Gains Support from Latino Evangelical Coalition. Leaders say 'death penalty is plagued by racial and economic disparities.'. Timothy C. Morgan.

More than 100 witnesses come forward detailing 'unspeakable brutality.'

The mission obtained credible reports about the rape of young girls, including nine and six year-olds. Thirteen teenage boys were sentenced to death for watching a football match.

(UPDATED) LifeWay responds to Southern Baptist resolution on 'the sufficiency of Scripture regarding the afterlife.'

Heaven Tourism Books Pulled from Nearly 200 Christian Bookstores. (UPDATED) LifeWay responds to Southern Baptist resolution on 'the sufficiency of Scripture regarding the afterlife.'.

Taliban-linked killings provoke unusually violent reaction by Christian minority.

“In this time of Lent they have participated fully in the death and resurrection of our Lord,” said Oswald Gracias, president of the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences, to AsiaNews.

Inspired by Vanier, Henri Nouwen wrote his last book about Toronto’s L’Arche community.

Shortly before Nouwen's death in 1996, he completed “Adam: God's Beloved,” a chronicle of their relationship, which Nouwen described as “one of the most significant” of his life.

Author of seven books, she supported orientation change for gays and lesbians.

Died: Leanne Payne, 82, Prominent Leader in Pastoral Care, Healing Movement. Author of seven books, she supported orientation change for gays and lesbians.

(UPDATED) The interdenominational leader was 66.

Hayner had battled pancreatic cancer for more than a year before his death on Saturday, January 31, at age 66. He is survived by his wife, Sharol, and three children. Update Feb.

(UPDATED) IS releases video reportedly showing execution of Japanese believer.

Goto's 78-year-old mother, Junko Ishido, told journalists following the news of his death, “It is my only hope that we can carry on with Kenji's mission to save the children from war and

(UPDATED) Obama tells Iran to 'immediately release' Abedini, who writes son on 7th birthday.

“Pastor Saeed has become the face of the persecuted Christian church worldwide, one of many Christians around the world who face imprisonment, beatings and even death for their

Caner brought struggling school back to health. Now he will focus on his own.

Six months after his son's death by suicide, Ergun Caner stepped down today as president of Brewton-Parker College (BPC). I can't get over his death, and I am not sure I want to.

(UPDATED) Alex Malarkey's mother, grandmother, and publisher weigh in on retraction of best-selling book; John MacArthur first raised concerns two years ago.

This one is done.". Meanwhile, Credo House's Michael Patton argues that the real value of near-death experiences is what they convey not about heaven, but about the soul. ----.

Open Doors says 2014 saw the worst persecution of Christians in the 'modern era'—but not because of violence.

12 to No. 9, and Sudan—where Meriam Ibrahim was imprisoned and sentenced to death for her faith, but was later released and gained asylum in the United States—rose from No.

World Vision's reversal, Kay Warren on son's suicide, 33 Christian leaders under 33, and more.

beards, and more. Top stories of 2012: Chuck Colson's death, the trouble with TBN, why the clothing we wear to church matters, and more. You can also

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