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Prosecutors insist Huangs murdered Ghanaian daughter to harvest her organs. Defenders explain why Americans adopt at-risk kids.

US Christian Couple Convicted in Qatar of Adopted Daughter's Death. Prosecutors insist Huangs murdered Ghanaian daughter to harvest her organs.

Attempt at demonstrating Anglican unity to Katharine Jefferts Schori instead prompts resignations.

Controversy over Seminary Speaker Invite Tempered by Student's Death. Attempt at demonstrating Anglican unity to Katharine Jefferts Schori instead prompts resignations.

Trustees defend decision to clarify belief statement. BioLogos: '[We] certainly did not intend to stir up controversy.'

man was by fiat of God in the act of creation as related in the Book of Genesis; that he was created in the image of God; that he sinned and thereby incurred physical and spiritual death

(UPDATED) Ecuadorian woman was instrumental in Jim Elliot and Nate Saint's ill-fated outreach to the Amazon's Auca, and later helped to convert the tribe to Christianity.

was partly paralyzed in 2012 while developing technology for missionaries (including a flying car), highlighted the Spanish-language media coverage of Dayuma's death and Waodani

(UPDATED) Church leaders grateful for global prayer response as "tension has been tremendous.' Russian evangelical says, 'Churches must stop armed conflict.'

nauseated when pondering over a fact that a peace accord was signed with a man whose hands are bloody and who will sooner or later have to be held accountable for the death of the

'Innocence of Muslims,' blamed for Benghazi and nixing blasphemy reform in Pakistan, taken down by a controversial copyright claim.

coverage. An Egyptian cleric issued a fatwa, calling for the killing of everyone involved with the film, and Garcia soon began receiving death threats.

Brunei expands Malaysia’s ban on ‘Allah', long used by local Christians, to other Islamic words other religions can no longer use.

The government also plans to implement strict punishment for crimes, including death by stoning for adultery and amputation of limbs for theft, Religion News Service reported in October

Killings are latest to rock Christian community since American Ronnie Smith, inspired by John Piper to leave Austin church and teach Libyans, was shot while jogging.

attempting to evangelize Muslims. In Libya, proselytization for any religion other than Islam is punishable by death. CT previously examined whether

Couple who broke probation with death of second son given one of harshest punishments for faith healing.

Couple who broke probation with death of second son given one of harshest punishments for faith healing. Christianity Today: Our Ministry ChristianityToday.org.

Kirsten Powers's conversion, Andy Stanley on President Obama, child sponsorships, the war over Christian beards, and more.

18) Do All Children Go to Heaven? Reconciling original sin and death of the innocent. 17) Rob Bell's 'Ginormous' Mirror To read his book is to read about our fascination with ourselves.

Did you catch all of CT's most popular religion news items this year?

4) Rick Warren's Son Dies from Suicide Death of Matthew Warren, 27, prompts national discussion on how churches should respond to depression and other mental illnesses.

Church leaders were relief volunteers during Christmas outreach in storm zone.

To date, the death toll from Haiyan (known locally at typhoon Yolanda), is now more than 6,100 lives lost. For more on Haiyan, click here. Related Topics

After one of 1,300 local chapters approves Planned Parenthood affiliate, Christian financial services organization rethinks letting members direct donations.

The LCMS always has been, and will continue to be, clear and faithful in its proclamation of the sanctity of all human life from conception until natural death.

Researcher on Jesus' mindshare 2,000 years later: 'We don't see the same happening for Justin Bieber.'

Consequently, Justin Bieber was ranked 8,633 on the list. Skiena told the British paper, "The significance of Jesus is shown by his mindshare today fully 2,000 years after his death.

(UPDATED) Two Orlando-area megachurches ask for prayers for grieving family; Kay Warren, who recently lost her own son to suicide, reacts.

Related Topics:Death; Florida; Joel Hunter; Megachurches; Pastors; Suicide. Posted:December 10, 2013 at 6:19PM. Gleanings aggregates what others are reporting. Learn more.

As pandemic changes, church leaders develop fresh responses.

that.". HIV/AIDS is now a disease primarily of heterosexuals. AIDS is no longer an automatic death sentence. About 1.7 million died of AIDS in 2012. But

(UPDATE, Dec. 3) TBN schedules memorial service to air on Sunday, Dec. 8.

Related Topics:Charismatics; Death; Televangelism. Posted: November 30, 2013 at 9:40PM. Gleanings aggregates what others are reporting. Learn more. Leave a Comment.

A sad irony: Merrill Newman detained by North Korea as Kenneth Bae becomes longest-imprisoned American since Korean War.

years of compulsory labor. Though Bae could have faced the death penalty, he received the lesser sentence without explanation. In addition, WSJ reports

At least in certain situations, according to new Pew Research survey on end-of-life medical treatment.

CT regularly covers discussions on death and dying—including Pew's earlier finding that only 1 in 3 evangelicals want to live forever, as well as the trauma of suicide.

But former president's Jewish advisor sees 'bigger problems' than today's fundraiser.

Another Jesus-related stat that surfaced recently: Approximately 1 in 4 Americans today believe that "Jews were responsible for the death of Christ," according to the Anti-Defamation

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