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Alumni discuss chapel talk and course restrictions at Cedarville University.

Other alumni who were students between 2005 and 2012 confirmed that women's ministry classes and general education Bible classes by female faculty were open to students of both

Trustees defend decision to clarify belief statement. BioLogos: '[We] certainly did not intend to stir up controversy.'

(photo by Sue Hasker/Flickr). Related Topics:Creationism; Genesis; Higher Education. Posted:March 7, 2014 at 1:13PM. Gleanings aggregates what others are reporting. Learn more.

During 18 years at Union University, 'evangelical statesperson' doubled enrollment and quadrupled budget.

family. "Dr. Dockery brings a great wealth of experience and knowledge about higher education from his years at Union University," Kleinschmidt said. "I

(UPDATED) BJU apologizes for 'added anxiety'; GRACE says results will be delayed but 'God is undoubtedly at work.'

[Photo courtesy of japedi - Flickr]. Related Topics:Higher Education; Sex and Sexuality. Posted:February 25, 2014 at 11:13AM. Gleanings aggregates what others are reporting.

Chapel message becomes latest debate over how evangelical colleges approach sexual identity.
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Related Topics:Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU); Ex-Gay Movement; Higher Education; Homosexuality; Testimonies; Wheaton College.

(UPDATED) Groups now hope to complete project together. Firing 'took GRACE by complete surprise,' while BJU was 'disappointed a resolution could not be reached before our differences were made public.'

BJU provided live Sexual Abuse Awareness Training to all 3000 students and 1000 faculty/staff members—unprecedented in institutions of higher education—and is creating

When famed evangelist wanted to take wife Ruth back to her birth country, there was only one man for the job...

According to the Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary blog: "As a trailblazer in seminary education for Chinese students, Dr. Teng recognized a need for trained pastors to

Do latest numbers signal success for pro-life movement and surge of state restrictions?

Institute (PRRI) recently noted. "They're less white, less religious, and have attained higher levels of education.". PRRI reports: Of young Americans who

How the apostle Paul ‘beat out Beyonce,’ and how Christian colleges are joining in on online education trend.

How the apostle Paul 'beat out Beyonce,' and how Christian colleges are joining in on online education trend. Christianity Today: Our Ministry ChristianityToday.org.

(UPDATED) Former King's College president may have illegally contributed to Senate campaign. Free Dinesh movement launched.

Related Topics:Film; Higher Education; Politics. Posted:January 23, 2014 at 7:48PM. Gleanings aggregates what others are reporting. Learn more. Leave a Comment.

National Jurist offers new ranking on behalf of Protestant and Catholic students, as well as Mormons, Jews, and Muslims.

The National Jurist, a magazine which describes itself as "the voice of legal education," explored this question in attempting to identify the best law schools for "devout" students of major

State's education reforms create religious tension.

State's education reforms create religious tension. Meanwhile, traditional worshippers in Nigeria warn CAN against protests of the education reforms.].

Trinity Western University overcomes opposition from other law school deans.

But this week the Federation of Law Societies of Canada and the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education both gave TWU the green light to move forward with its plans to start

(UPDATED) A&E restores Phil Robertson to popular show and explains why.

Smaller efforts include petitions by the National Organization for Marriage Education (more than 300,000 signatures) and Faith Driven Consumers (more than 118,000 signatures).

(UPDATED) Two gains and one trade now leave Council for Christian Colleges and Universities with nine female leaders.

Women have long lamented the lack of female leadership in higher education, and Wheaton College students advocated for a female president during the school's presidential search

School explains why 'we need a warrior' like Ergun Caner.

Dr. Caner brings a wealth of experience to the presidency with more than three decades in Christian higher education leadership, Biblical teaching, preaching and apologetics.

(UPDATED) After 6,000 charities tried to rival Cyber Monday with Giving Tuesday, ECFA releases latest State of Giving report.

The biggest winners among 28 categories: foundations (up 25%), adoption (up 12.2%), K-12 education (up 12%), short-term missions (up 12.1%), and higher education (10%).

University president will lead "listening period" on whether to drop current ban affecting tenure-track faculty.

This means "some professors in same-sex relationships could keep their jobs or be hired" during the review period, reports Inside Higher Education, which broke the story.

(UPDATED) America's oldest book is now also the world's most expensive. Meanwhile, these Bibles actually went to the moon.

"These 11 copies symbolize the introduction of printing into the British colonies, which was reflective of the importance placed on reading and education by the Puritans and the concept

Despite outpouring of support, a few fellow students remain critical of atheist senior at Northwest Christian.

on YouTube. Related Topics:Atheism; Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU); Higher Education; Hypocrisy; Oregon. Posted:November

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