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School says "period of discernment" focused on pastoral response, not changing conduct policy.

Gordon College Studies Same-Sex Behavior Ban Amid Accreditation Questions. School says "period of discernment" focused on pastoral response, not changing conduct policy.

Research reveals top topics and how often people say prayers are answered.

the same. Image: LifeWay Research. Four out of five Americans (82 percent) implore God about the needs of their friends and family. Half (54 percent

(UPDATED) Children reportedly divided on allegations over who should control megachurch pastor's sermons.

abuse on Pastor Chuck, financial elder abuse against his widow Kay, and wrongfully seized property belonging to Kay, Pastor Chuck, TWFT, and the Chuck Smith 1990 Family Trust.

Meanwhile, Indian Christians prepare to protest persecution surge from prime minister's first 100 days in office.

An entire extended family (some 70 people) appears to have reconverted from Christianity to Hinduism, with their story being used to intimidate others.

(UPDATED) Bad news for prominent pastor imprisoned in Iran comes amid good news for Persian Christians at large.

The project's original translator was murdered shortly after it began in 1994; the first copies were given to family members of other Iranians martyred for their faith.

Former president of The King's College avoids prison time for campaign finance violations.

In 2010, he wrote The Roots of Obama's Rage, which explored President Obama's family and the political views of his late father. In 2012, a film version of the book was released.

Family ministry has LifeWay Research examine how well (or not well) churches address mental health.

Family ministry has LifeWay Research examine how well (or not well) churches address mental health. And only 21 percent of family members are aware of a plan in their church.

Fresh stats on who thinks churches should endorse candidates, whether homosexual behavior is a sin, and has it gotten harder to be an evangelical.

Pew Surprised by How Many Americans Want Religion Back in Politics. Fresh stats on who thinks churches should endorse candidates, whether homosexual

(UPDATED) After narrow "No" vote, Scottish evangelicals say churches will take lead in building the 'new Scotland.'

flag. But as Christians our identity is not based on a flag or a national boundary but on the radical grace of being adopted into God's family.". Drummond

Scenario is increasingly common in Protestant congregations.

Should Pastors Follow Pope Francis and Marry Cohabiting Couples? Scenario is increasingly common in Protestant congregations. Kate Shellnutt. [ posted

New Pew survey examines who says yes and no.

The statement was widely contested, from the Family Research Council to Sam Harris. “ISIS does not represent the whole of Islam, or even the majority stream within Islam today.

(UPDATED) Radio show defends dropping John Munro, says 'misinformation and rumors' of 'being unfair' to Calvary Church pastor are 'harmful.'

that an internal investigation within our church has come to a conclusion, we are keeping the communication regarding the investigation to within the Calvary Church family to continue

Alma mater of Ebola doctor Kent Brantly believes in 'covenant of marriage' but also 'power of grace.'

“The Board of Trustees is deeply saddened about the situation and its effect on their family,” chairman Barry Packer wrote in an email to about 400 faculty and staff.

(UPDATED) Mars Hill responds Friday to leaked letter, says 'our team is Jesus, not one group of elders or another.'

and I do live a life above reproach. And I'm not a sinless man, but I do love Jesus and I do love my family and I do love you. And if by – I just shudder to

Megachurch pastor David Platt is now the younger face of the Southern Baptist Convention's International Mission Board.

“Over these past months, God has made it abundantly clear… He is filling in that blank check in our lives and family with a different assignment.” [Full video statement below].

(UPDATED) Driscoll offers 8-step solution to followers: 'Current climate is not healthy for me or for this church.'

Driscoll's family embraces him after Sunday's announcement. "Most of our Mars Hill family has been forgiving as well, and for that I'm grateful and blessed," he said.

Findings from significant study of religion and race in America inform debate over reactions to Michael Brown's death.

Economic stagnation, family breakdown, and a drug culture are three strands of a noose with strangling force, suppressing people on the margins as the rest of society moves forward

The CCM worship world has its Jennifer Knapp moment.

"The Church is still my family. Family do not always agree or see eye to eye. But family stick together, and I am committed to being part of the Church, working for change.".

Sir Cliff Richard, who denies allegations as 'completely false,' is latest British celebrity affected by Jimmy Savile fallout.

Top UK Christian Singer Investigated for Alleged Sex Abuse at 1985 Billy Graham Crusade. Sir Cliff Richard, who denies allegations as 'completely false

(UPDATED) Southern Baptist chain decides to 'assess the situation regarding his ministry.'

LifeWay is the United States's second-largest chain of Christian stores, behind only Family Christian Stores with nearly 300 locations. Family Christian

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