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After buying itself back, Family Christian Stores makes good on pledge to donate all profits to widows and orphans.

Karen Kingsbury Helps Haiti Orphans Benefit from Black Friday Sales. "Haiti is still recovering from the 2010 earthquake that ravaged the already-destitute nation.

Highlights from new crusade format that focuses on filling living rooms worldwide instead of stadiums.

Among many examples the BGEA recounts from other countries, "My Hope" was so successful in Haiti that more churches had to be built to accommodate the number of new Christians.

Facilities face closure because 80 percent of 'orphans' have at least one living parent.

International. Haiti Orphanages Are Overflowing–But Not with Orphans. These reforms would align Haiti's policies with international adoption standards. A

(Updated) Supply of available orphans falls as demand among evangelicals continues to rise.

Today has reported regularly on international adoption news, including how adoption has surged in popularity among evangelicals, how the high-profile Haiti adoption scandal might

Missionary had been held without charges for five months.

International. Danny Pye Freed from Haiti Jail. Danny Pye, a Christian missionary to Haiti, was freed March 15 after being jailed without charge for 5 months. "Around


Fortunately, Parodi says, one of their top relief workers, Kenjiro Ban, lives in Tokyo. "He's done relief responses in Sudan, in Kenya, in Indonesia, in Haiti," Parodi says.

One of the missionaries accused of child kidnapping speaks with Baptist Press about what took place.

Home > Archives > 2010 > May. International. Baptist Convicted, Released from Haiti Jail. 'Radically different' story about Baptists in Haiti emerges. By Michael Foust, Baptist Press.


Haiti Judge: Missionary Charges Stand. Books & Culture. Help: FAQ; Customer Care; Contact Us; Donate; Site Map. Christianity Today Haiti Judge: Missionary Charges Stand.

Pastor Frank Amedia gives background on his comments to the Associated Press.

Yesterday's Associated Press report on Christian-Voodooist tensions in Haiti was shocking enough. On his organization's Touch Haiti Now site, he wrote:


Is There Hope or Justice for Haiti? Rich Stearns. Last week, I stood in the streets of Port au Prince Haiti weeping at the scope and scale of human suffering.

Many short-term missions volunteers evacuated after quake.

'Lord, I pray this house is as solid as I think,” Haiti quake survivor prayed. Two weeks after Haiti's historic earthquake, the stories of survival are beginning to flood out.

Congress approves special treatment of donations. Major telethon airs tonight.

US donations to Haiti average $1.64 million per hour. 12 earthquake in Haiti, major American charities have received donations at the average rate of $1.64 million per hour.

CT columnist Carolyn Arends and Steve Bell among performers; both weigh in on the crisis

Home > Archives > 2010 > January. International. Canadian Musicians Raise $115,000 for Haiti. Consider reading the rest of that post here, and Bell's post on how to help Haiti here.


Haiti was already struck with a paucity of pastors before the earthquake; many trained pastors have left for Canada, the US, and other places. And many


Aid Continues After Aftershock Hits Haiti. An aftershock shook Haiti this morning near Port-au-Prince as relief groups try to help Haiti recover from the earthquake eight days ago.

Relief agencies urge restoration that lets Haitians lead

Rebuilding Haiti. Tara Livesay, a missionary in Haiti ended yesterday's post – stories of kindness, stories of goodness, stories of thankfulness and humor – with those words.

Organizations are using new tools for donating.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that six days after Haiti's earthquake, donors have contributed more than $210 million to major US relief groups.

Haitians in America await word of their families and friends and do what they can.

Many members of West Church of the Nazarene, a predominantly Haitian American church in Grand Rapids, Mich., have not yet heard from relatives in Haiti.

Groups continue to work on the ground.

How Evangelical Relief Agencies Are Reaching Haiti. Groups continue to work on the ground. First, their plane could not land in Port-au-Prince; they rerouted to the north part of Haiti.

The country's earthquake focuses more attention on its orphans.

Caring for Haiti's Children. Before Haiti's earthquake, the CIA World Factbook recorded 38.1 percent of Haiti's population at 14 years and younger. Many were already orphans.

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