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(UPDATED) Mars Hill responds Friday to leaked letter, says 'our team is Jesus, not one group of elders or another.'

Nine Current Mars Hill Pastors Tell Mark Driscoll To Step Down from All Ministry. His book (Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands) is foundational to our biblical counseling ministry.

'Don’t stop us from carrying on our mission,' say 50 schools as Jewish state slashes support.

27), Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant school administrators said in a joint statement, “Over the last several years the Ministry of Education has taken unilateral steps that have hurt the

Megachurch pastor David Platt is now the younger face of the Southern Baptist Convention's International Mission Board.

member Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama, since 2006, and has called Christians to a movement of radical obedience and discipleship through his ministry Radical and

(UPDATED) Driscoll offers 8-step solution to followers: 'Current climate is not healthy for me or for this church.'

Christianity Today: Our Ministry DeMoss told RNS, “I like him, I believe in him, and if I only worked with ministry leaders who were faultless, I would be out of business tonight.”.

'This type of contagious situation is unprecedented' in past two decades, says medical ministry.

'This type of contagious situation is unprecedented' in past two decades, says medical ministry. Christianity Today: Our Ministry Christianity Today: a global media ministry

Pastor-supporting philanthropist’s 'religious home' alleges it lost $13 million from bank’s big fees and bad investments.

you put the telescope on them, are quite small over against the cultural forces, will pay off in terms of—have paid off and will pay off in terms of deeper church life, more faithful ministry.”.

(UPDATED) Southern Baptist chain decides to 'assess the situation regarding his ministry.'

(UPDATED) Southern Baptist chain decides to 'assess the situation regarding his ministry.'. Ruth Moon. Christianity Today: a global media ministry © 2014 Christianity Today.

(UPDATED) Mars Hill cancels Resurgence conference. Paul Tripp says Driscoll's accountability model will never work. Board insists 'making real progress' on problems.

"It became clear to me that a distant, external accountability board can never work well because it isn't a firsthand witness to the ongoing life and ministry of the church, wrote Tripp of

(UPDATED) China watchers worry Christian human rights activist will be subject to house arrest.

China Aid, the Texas-based ministry of Bob Fu, has posted a English transcript of the program. Christianity Today: a global media ministry © 2014 Christianity Today.

(UPDATED) University cuts ties with state convention even though convention investigation concluded theologically conservative professors were welcome at Campbellsville University.

Campbellsville University announced today that the university would phase out funding from the Kentucky Baptist Convention (KBC) and pursue a "partners in ministry" relationship with

Over six years, more than 4,000 unchurched mystery guests visited churches of all sizes across the U.S. Here’s what they thought.

church visited more than 4,000 churches over six years and rated them on 16 categories, from community awareness, greetings, and music to diversity and youth ministry programs.

As a divided high court hands down its decision, Christians focus on the government's response.

standing tussle between the Malaysian Catholic Church, which used the Arabic word to refer to God in the Herald, its Malay-language newspaper, and the Malaysian Ministry of Home

IBLP board decides seminar speaker acted inappropriately but not criminally.

Christianity Today: Our Ministry ChristianityToday.org. It is because of our appreciation for this ministry that we agreed to serve on the Board of Directors.

Photos show campaign to 'de-Christianize' skyline of 'China's Jerusalem' continues.

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs released its first official statement to The Telegraph responding to such accusations on May 20: Christianity Today: a global media ministry

Daily Beast: Christian financial guru is confronting former employees behind social media criticism and parodies.

leaders find themselves in Ramsey's position, as critics increasingly turn to social media to mobilize, commiserate, and publicly discuss the inner-workings of a given ministry after they

(UPDATED) Government of Sudan: 'This case remains a legal issue and not a religious or a political one.'

However, CNN reported that her fate remains a decision for the appeals court, and Sudan's foreign ministry later explained the same, claiming an official's words were misinterpreted.

(UPDATED) Acquire the Fire leader says investigation 'included false statements, errors and misperceptions.' World reveals audit advice as evidence.

But why the ministry's finances are so rocky has become a subject of public debate, after an in-depth investigation by World magazine of the foreclosure of Teen Mania's sprawling

(UPDATED) Tchividjian apologizes that his public breakup with TGC has 'given the world the justification they're looking for to disbelieve the gospel.'

Tchividjian also affirmed his friendship with TGC co-founder Tim Keller, and emphasized that TGC and his Liberate ministry are "on the same team" because "the harvest is ripe enough

(UPDATED) Unusual decision draws scrutiny at one of largest Southern Baptist schools.

Convention (SBC), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary requires prospective students to demonstrate "a mature Christian character," "a desire for Christian ministry," and "a

(UPDATED) Trial of former youth leader revives debate over alleged abuse coverup at Sovereign Grace Ministries.

out of his Covenant Life Church (CLC) in the 1980s, and led the network of about 80 Reformed churches until resigning in March 2013 in order to focus on pastoral ministry in Louisville

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