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Christian alternatives to traditional insurance see surge in enrollments.

By choosing Christian Healthcare Ministries, Lamb said, the money she'd usually pay to an insurance company now goes to helping the body of Christ.

(UPDATED) Barna breaks down which Americans are celebrating this year, while Stephen Smith tracks what 100,000+ Twitter users are pledging in real-time.

religion, 1,149. 12. entertainment, 929. 13. weather, 609. 14. shopping, 466. 15. sports, 205. 16. money, 193. 17. celebrity, 175. 18. clothes, 171. 19. habit, 155. 20. possessions, 93. 21. politics

Counties mull making money by charging clergy for evangelizing outside of their churches.

Freedom. Kenyan Pastors Protest Pay-to-Preach Laws. Counties mull making money by charging clergy for evangelizing outside of their churches. World

Four dead as church group celebrating 60th anniversary tries to travel from Egypt to Israel.

A bus full of South Korean Christians who saved money for years in order to visit biblical sites in Egypt and Israel were attacked Sunday by a suicide bomber.

Three Lutheran synods protest that financial services org deems pro-life groups, among others, a distraction from Christian stewardship and generosity.

"These changes are designed to better reflect [our] identity as a membership organization of Christians united in a common purpose to be wise with money and live generously," stated

(UPDATED) Council for Christian Colleges and Universities 'stands ready to defend its decision' to fire Edward O. Blews Jr., as he seeks damages for breaching his contract. At issue: Was he an "intentional failure"?

cause. ... The Council could pay as much as $1.6 million over five years—a lot of money for an organization that cleared only $33,299 in fiscal 2011. [For

(UPDATED) Sam Childers tells TV station: Agents 'totally destroyed' orphanage supplies, but he's 'got nothing to hide.'

"We've got nothing to hide," he told WJAC-6, which reports more details. ----. Originally published on April 1, 2013, as "Relative Steals Money from Machine-Gun Preacher's African

Already in prison, former conman turned watchdog for Christian ministries could now serve an extended sentence.

Office: In addition, Minkow confessed to diverting SDCBC member donations for his own benefit and embezzling money intended as church donations.

Roy Peterson has led The Seed Company and Wycliffe USA; now he’s heading to Manhattan.

CT previously noted how the world's three largest Bible translators— ABS, Wycliffe, and Biblica—joined forces (thanks to Hobby Lobby money) to "catapult Bible ministry into a new

Peter Akinola, retired archbishop of the world's largest Anglican province who helped American conservatives break away, explains his rescue.

The former leader of the Anglican Communion's largest province was released hours later "after he convinced his captors he had no money to pay a ransom," reports George Conger in

After one of 1,300 local chapters approves Planned Parenthood affiliate, Christian financial services organization rethinks letting members direct donations.

"While our membership holds diverse points of view on faith and social issues," said Thrivent, "we share a common purpose to be wise with money and live generously.".

Among 'born-again' Christians, Barna finds divide between theory and practice differs by demographic.

In contrast, "born-again" Christians who make the least amount of money ($39,000 per year or less) evangelize the most (57 percent), followed by upper-income Christians (52 percent).

Reid helped Billy Graham Crusade, Prison Fellowship, Promise Keepers, World Vision, International Justice Mission, and more.

Died: Russ Reid, Marketer Who Modernized How Your Favorite Ministries Raise Money. "[His] innovations have changed the way nonprofits raise money on TV, in the mail and online.

'Doing the Lord’s work' nationwide, one $10,000 tip at a time...

TipsForJesus.". Jack Selby, a former Paypal VP, may be the man behind the money, according to Gawker's Silicon Valley-focused Valley Wag: "Since

(UPDATED) After 6,000 charities tried to rival Cyber Monday with Giving Tuesday, ECFA releases latest State of Giving report.

Update (Dec. 5): Fresh on the heels of Giving Tuesday come fresh stats on where evangelicals are giving (and not giving) their money today. In its fourth

(UPDATED) Do for-profit corporations have religious rights? Justices will consider cases of Hobby Lobby (which won) and Conestoga Wood Specialties (which lost).

Smart money says the justices will choose Hobby Lobby's high-profile challenge to the mandate's requirement that employers provide employees with emergency contraceptives that

(UPDATED) Longstanding IRS exemption—last revised after Rick Warren dispute in 2002—currently saves pastors and other clergy $700 million per year.

Editor's note: This post has been updated. Related Topics:Courts; Establishment Clause; First Amendment; Money and Business; Pastors; Religious Freedom.

Religious right to a clean conscience outweighs government's desire to increase access to contraceptives, says Penn. ruling.

But things are getting interesting as observers wait to see which case will soon be picked up by the US Supreme Court. (Smart money says Hobby Lobby.).

Trustees reject solution of Sunrise Children's Services president: 'I would rather homosexuals see the love of God through us than be denied employment by us.'

Smithwick and the board. Critics have accused Sunrise of firing a gay employee and promoting religion to children using taxpayer money. A long-running

But former president's Jewish advisor sees 'bigger problems' than today's fundraiser.

Theology. George W. Bush Helps Messianic Jews Make Money. But former president's Jewish advisor sees 'bigger problems' than today's fundraiser.

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